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We all Need to Drink Water Everyday! Learn How to Prepare a Healthy Flavored Water

Everyone knows the rule: Drink eight glasses of water a day, at least ‘. However, sometimes we urge to taste something different and when this happens the most common options are soft drinks or juices, these drinks are loaded usually with additives and are unhealthy for the body. A delicious alternative to refresh and hydrate the body are flavored waters, low in calories and with a different flavor. Learn how to Prepare flavored water in this article.


1 – Prepare flavored water is very easy: as easy as making a sandwich! You will need, in addition to fruits or herbs that carry water you like, a large water jug, a wooden paddle and ice. The pitcher is preferably glass, and other materials may change the taste of it, without the glass will make your preparation look beautiful when you open the refrigerator.

2 – Prepare flavored water is as easy as mixing one part water with pieces of fruit or your favorite herb. Water lemon, mint and cucumber can prepare the half cucumber and half a lemon, both sliced, and 1/4 mint leaves. Enter the ingredients in the jar, add ice to taste and fill the jug with water to the brim and stir with a wooden paddle. Put in the fridge and after an hour you can enjoy delicious flavored water also acts as a detoxifier and diuretic.

3 – You can also prepare red fruit flavored water. Buy blackberries, strawberries and raspberries and add to the pot the desired amount depending on the intensity of flavor you want to achieve. Then add a few slices of lemon. crush some fruits to shed their juice and add plenty of ice and water to the brim. Remember to remove it with a wooden paddle and refrigerate at least an hour to grip the taste.

4 – Watermelon is one of the most delicious flavored water to prepare and combine it with a mint herbs, fruit flavor is indescribable. Prepare your watermelon flavored water adding pieces of this fruit to the jar, then it incorporates many branches of mints as you want stronger the flavor. Take plenty of ice and water to the top, stir with a wooden paddle and keep in the fridge.

5 – Another option for preparing flavored water is the mixture of strawberries, orange and basil. Incorporates half cup of strawberries, orange slices and basil 1/4 branches, add ice and water and stir. Then stored in the refrigerator.

6 – To prepare flavored waters only creativity is needed and know the fruits and herbs you like. You can invent your own flavored water as your favorite fruits. Avoid using banana, since it decompose in the water.

7 – Before serving remove your water never forget the wooden paddle to mix the flavor. If you want to add a little more flavor you can use saccharin or a little honey.


Recipes for flavored waters

The key to a happy body, hydration. The key to a happy hydration, flavored waters. This is a great way to trick the family to drink more water. Here are some tasty recipes. There are many ways to flavor water. You almost can not go wrong when choosing a fruit or fresh grass.

Preparation time for any flavored water: 15 minutes


3 slices of orange
2 slices fresh pineapple
A sprig of rosemary
½ peeled cucumber
12 to 16 mint leaves stemless
3 slices of ginger (optional)
3 medium sized strawberries
1 can coconut water
Pinch of stevia (optional)

Step 1

Peel the cucumber and cut into thin slices. Remove mint leaves from their stems and stack them in the palm of your hand. Give it a couple of good shots (claps on them). This releases the flavor. Cut 2 to 3 slices of ginger if you want to add a spicy touch to the mix. Place all ingredients in one of the jars and use a wooden spoon to crush and mix.

Step 2

Cut three thick slices of orange. Cut each slice into quarters. Cut two thick slices of pineapple, and then remove the skin. Cut into small sections. For the adventurous palates, add the leaves of a sprig of rosemary. Put all ingredients in a jar and use a wooden spoon to crush and mix.

Step 3

Cut the strawberries in slices and put them in a jar. Open coconut water and pour into the jar completely. If you want to add a little sweetener, stevia is best. A pinch is a lot.

Step 4

Once you have your ingredients in the jars, it’s time to add water. You can use any type, including sparkling water. These flavored water taste better after spending a full day in the refrigerator, making infusion.

They keep up to a week and can be filled with water at least twice before having to start again with fresh ingredients. The flavor decreases with each recharge, but will still be delicious.


Here are other flavors to try:

Orange + Lemon
Grapefruit + Mint
Strawberry + Basil
Ginger + Lemon
Basil + Lemon
Cucumber + Lemon + Mint