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Ways to Handle Child Tantrums and Become Emotionally Intelligent Parents (Problems and Solutions)

A parent’s life is such where the day starts with the baby’s cry and ends with a confirmation that you’ll be there! No matter how much you love your child and would pamper them to the stars but at times the behavior and tantrums of the child becomes so unreadable and problematic and losing our cools comes in a second. But for a better learning, experts are of the view that parents should become more understanding of the child’s behavior and tackle them as a mysterious hurdle rather than just taking it as a tantrum. The child’s behavior is an emotional sign of their feelings and it is best to handle them as an emotionally intelligent person rather than getting carried away by angry forces.

Being emotionally intelligent means understanding the feelings of your children behind their behavior and taking them maturely to find out solutions which enhance the child’s mood as well as works for a better bond. If you too have been facing problems to deal with your child, a little of emotional intelligence might just help. Take a cue from us!

Problem: Kid just can’t stop crying when you leave the house

Solution: Make them ready for the goodbye!

Indeed each morning you must be facing the problem to send the kid to school or leave for work without them. Each morning making them to stop crying and pampering the kid to bits must be making you late. The solution is to take time out and sit with your baby every evening and tell them about your plans the next day. Create an excitement in them for the upcoming day making their plans too. When you tell them about your plans in advance a short calculation in the mind makes them aware that you will be away from them for some hours and back by the time you have promised. This helps in reducing their fear in the morning and makes them more secured towards your love and care. And when you are going to leave them off to babysitters or school, talk to them about the happiness throughout the day and that you will be back in a few hours.

Problem: The child just doesn’t agree for school

Solution: Give them those special five minutes

Resentment to go to school is a common phenomenon with children. The fact that they are made to interact out of their comfort zone and talk to unknown faces makes them conscious of themselves and they hate doing it every single day. Besides the attachment and bond with parents just makes them want to stay with them more. Uplifting their spirits to go to school every single day needs special five minute sessions where you share stories, be friends with your child and deviate their mind from the nervousness of the school. Make them feel more confident about themselves. Besides, if the problem is still persisting you must also care to understand the reason why the child is not willing to give in to schooling and know about the situations they are exposed to. This helps in understanding if the child is facing troubles or is just resenting going to school.

Problem : Doesn’t share anything with anyone

Solution: Teach them how to wait for their turn

As much as parents would like their children to be the privileged ones, it is very important to teach the lesson of contentment and sharing. Sometimes when there are two children in the house or the neighbor’s child come visiting, children behave rudely and deny sharing any toy or food with them. This feeling reaches a level as high as the parents are not allowed to even care about the other child (Makes the child insecure!). It is important that you teach the child how to share things by making way for times when your child is not privileged to get everything. Let them wait for it, a little hurt is a lesson too. When they wait and finally see a thing coming their way, it makes them understand that a little of wait will bring things to place. And so is the case with sharing, make them share things with others and counsel them for a few times until they will understand that sharing indeed brings shares too.

Problem: Messy and denying to clean

Solution: Give in to them until they give in to you

Quite often children refuse to do things which parents ask them to do forcefully. The scolding and ranting does no help and the child wanders around the house uselessly until the parents stop scolding them. The room has to be cleaned and the toys have to be kept in place and if the child doesn’t listen so, let them play in such situation for a few minutes and mingle with them. Show them that you too enjoy playing the way they do in the mess, and when they are convinced you are not angry smartly try to convince them on the cleanliness habits and how keeping their toys in a good way would protect them from damaging. You will see a change in them and the wish to take care of their belongings will rise soon.

Problem: Too much of gadget play

Solution: Monitor and divert

We are all surrounded by gadgets and more often people tend to hand gadgets to kids to make them play or lure them for attention. Keep an eye on the kid and don’t let them make it a habit to play with the gadgets. Every time they find time to indulge into gadget plays take your time out and take them for an interesting indoor or outdoor play. Make them feel that gadgets are not as exciting as the life games are. After all who wouldn’t love to dance or play badminton outside when the weather is good and you will be treated with good food after that. Kids love mingling with parents and playing games with them takes away from T.V., mobile phones and play stations.