How To Use Contouring To Your Advantage!

Aren’t those beauty images on the magazine making your heart beat? Contouring with Makeup To Your Advantage, the beautiful faces perfectly covered with the right dash of makeup and glow which makes you earn for a look like that! But of course the repeated failure to try those makeup looks might have disappointed you. And if you have started hating your face and shape because of the desire of beauty looks, don’t! We have the perfect contouring solution for all of you who have wanted to show the perfect glow on their face.  Contouring not just makes the perfect dimensions of face reflect well but also hides the flaws and makes your face look perfect.

Contouring is the smart blend of makeup shades to enhance and define the facial features according to one’s suitability. The angles from face are highlighted with shades darker than one’s skin tone to reflect the perfect angles of the face which highlights the best features of the face and hides the flaws. Go through the following points to know how contouring can work to your advantage and give you cover girl like facial features!

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Use quality products

When you are using something on your delicate skin, it has to be a quality product. You do not want to make your face look good while harming it from inside. Always buy quality makeup products which are from good brands and suit your skin type. Using quality products ensures the safety of your skin and a good finish too.

Choose the right products

Contouring kits are available in different variants and with several brands. Each brand tries to introduce something unique every time and as a result we are spoilt for choice when selecting makeup. You can choose the contouring creams for patting on your skin and get a perfect and natural finish. Or make use of the contouring powders and cakes to add the soft dry touch of contour to your face.

Source: bustle.com
Source: bustle.com

Choose according to your skin tone

It is very important to acknowledge your skin tone when choosing the perfect contouring shade for yourself. As contouring needs darker shades than your skin tone, you will have to make careful selection while buying one. Always choose a shade darker than your skin tone to use contouring to your advantage. Choose the colours which are not too orange or reddish, choose the contour colours which are a shade darker than your skin tone and have a grayish cast.

Purchase a kit

Contouring is not just about choosing one product which darkens some angles of your face and enhances your features. It is also the use of highlighter to brighten the enhanced features to gather attention. Make use of the contour as well as the highlighter to make your face brighten up with the perfect tones. The highlighter must be almost the shade of your skin, with a little glittery effect as well as a smooth and pigmented finish. As highlighter needs careful blending into the skin for a natural glow, it can be the maker or breaker for your look. So choose a good highlighter which is qualitative and according to your skin type.

Source: artisbrush.com
Source: artisbrush.com


Brushes or applicators shouldn’t be ignored when choosing makeup. The right use of your makeup comes when you make use of the right tools. The brushes should be chosen from quality brands which make quality makeup brushes and blends the makeup well into your skin.  For contouring one needs a contouring briush and a highlighter fan brush. The co0ntouring brush is an angular brush which is made as so that it sits perfect on the lower cheek bone area and is perfect for the straight blend there. The highlighter fan brush is a fan like brush with extremely soft bristles to give the soft touch of glow to your skin. As the highlighter are a shiny pigment, the need to use it less makes the brush a little light so that one does not pick up too much of the product on it. Buy quality brushes to get the perfect finish.

Knowing your face shape

All face shapes are similar so all the contouring-highlighting techniques won’t work same on all the faces. Knowing your face shape is important to contour or highlight well. A round shape face will need the cheek bone highlights to make a face look smaller whereas a diamond shape won’t need the jaw line contouring at all.

Where to contour?

There are specific areas on your face which needs contouring to highlight the selected areas. For highlighting cheek bones you need to suck in your cheeks and shade along the sunken area with light strokes of contour. The strokes are to be made inwards from the ears towards the lips (finishing well before the lips). Blend in real well to make the product mix up with the skin and reflect the natural finish. Do it on both the sides. Also to hide the double chin, contour below the lower jaw line and blend well. This would hide the double chin as well as highlight the jaw line. To slim down your nose use little amount of contour cream along the bridge of nose from eyebrows to the tip. Blend it all really well for the product to settle down and look natural.

Source: lorensworld.com
Source: lorensworld.com

Highlighting your features

Highlighting is important when you use the contour to bring back the shine to your face as well as to highlight the areas where you want the flow to shine on your skin. Make use of the highlighter fan brush and with soft careful strokes highlight your cheek bones, forehead, area below your brows, bridge of your nose and chin. Highlighting would bring a shine to your face and make your skin glow look natural.


Make use of beauty blenders or brushes to make your contour and highlighter products blend well into the skin. Careful blending will give a smooth finish of the product on skin and wont make it look made-up!

Don’t forget the blush!

While you have used the contours and highlights the soft pink blush of your cheek must have vanished. To bring back the sweet glow into your skin back always end it up with a few strokes of dewy soft pink blush – will make your make-up complete!