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The Ultimate Baking Guide For Beginners!

The Ultimate Baking Guide For Beginners

The Ultimate Baking Guide For Beginners! Baking is by far one of the best therapy cooking that makes us more calm and composed. It has time and again been associated with us as being the activity which makes a person mould into someone very careful, loving and peaceful. It has as a joy of its own. The mixing of so many soulful flavours and turning them into cookies and cakes which bring only happiness!

Desserts are indeed therapy for anyone. And when you are into the baking hobby, there is no denying that you live stress free. For the love of cooking and seek a little peace with soulful flavours and aromatic filling around us, there are a lot of people taking up baking as their hobby. It is not difficult to learn baking as love just pours the peaceful sync with the ingredients and brings out the best in you to make you a good baker. However, there are a few things that every beginners should keep in mind to turn themselves into a professional soon enough. Ultimate Baking Guide

So here is a Ultimate Baking Guide for beginners to sharpen their skills and make the most of their talent.

Ultimate Baking Guide – Reading the recipe

The foremost thing that comes into mind when entering the kitchen for baking is the recipe. When you have a recipe in hand and are full set for the baking there is a need to be careful of the recipe. Make sure that the recipe you have picked is actually a good one and has all the things which is needed for the dish to be what it is! Don’t fall prey to bad recipe which just ruins your experience. Also make sure that you have a thorough read of your recipe in its entirety for at least 2 to 3 times before starting off with the cooking. This helps you in making your mind clear of the steps that are going to come next and work with more precision and clarity.

Don’t invest in expensive backing tools
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Don’t invest in expensive backing tools

When you are a newbie at baking you do not need to buy all the tools that are a professional has. You can make use of the already stocked pieces at home and start off with the basics to make your ground work more knowledgeable and simple. You do not want to invest into it so much and not come out with good results. It is okay to go for old tools and simple machines to make the starting recipes. All you need to have is a taste that appeals everyone, the tools can wait.

Always keep your ingredients ready!

One of the best ways to make a good dish is to never miss out on any of the ingredients that is there in the recipe. You do not want to fall short of thing mean while and stop cooking. Make sure that all the ingredients cited in the recipe have been taken out on your kitchen shelf and are ready for use. There is nothing more badly than realizing that an ingredient has been missed out and you shall not be able to finish up your dish. Save yourself from the nightmare and keep a checklist of the ingredients.

The temperature confusions

Often we come across recipes which require the ingredients to be at a certain temperature. As a beginner it might not come to everyone’s mind at the right time. But it is essential to use the ingredients in the temperature that they have been asked to be used. So make sure that these ingredients have been put to the required temperatures and used in accordance with the recipes. For instance butter, if a recipe requires the butter to be melted, you can melt it in a microwave and make it so. But if the recipe requires the butter to be at room temperature, and then make sure that you take it out of the fridge and keep it in the open for at least an hour

The oven theory!

Oven is the prime gadget which gives baking its meaning. And so when you are thinking of baking something, make sure that your oven is ready. Keep your oven clean and dry and if you have been thinking to bake a cake or so, make sure that it has been pre-heated well. The oven temperature can make or break a recipe so make sure you do not go wrong with it.

The measuring cups and spoons

We always come across recipes which have been into using measuring cups and spoons for their recipes. While most of us would think it is a professional way of cooking, the truth is that baking is only correct when you know how much of the ingredients have to be used and do it according to the directions of the recipe. Measuring cups and spoons are prime requirements for the kitchen and we advice to keep a set of both ready in your kitchen. Use the exact measurements and cook the exact recipe!

Greasing utensils

Don’t miss out on greasing the utensils or covering them in cookie sheets to save your time of rubbing the dish later to take out the sticky food and bonus – you use the utensil for longer!

Sifting ingredients

As annoying it may sound, but sifting the dry ingredients makes them free from any lumps and thus makes it easy to be used for baking. You don’t really want a lump in your cake!

Follow the steps

The steps are designed and done for a reason and so don’t think of doing another step first. Follow the series of steps and don’t just mix the ingredients randomly. Ultimate Baking Guide


Timing is very important for baking. You should know how many minutes of preheat is needed, the time for cooking the recipe in full heat and when to lower the temperature and cook at mild heat. Keep a timer handy and bake according to the time directed. Your recipe shall earn the finish only if you maintain the timings.

Baking can be a lot more fun if you keep check of these simple tips and make your first recipe a beautiful one. You just cannot miss out on the basics to become a pro at baking!