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Try These Detox Drinks For A Healthy Glow!

Staying healthy is very necessary! And one of the best ways to keep a check on your health and fitness is detox waters. Detox water was not much talked about back in the pat but it has now become an important part of everyone’s lives to lose those extra pounds or just flush toxins out of the body.

The reason that we gain weight and lose our skin glow is because we go through a lot of pollution, east junks, drink alcohol and to top it all we have a lot of stress to handle. One of the best natural and homemade ways to tackle everyday problems and give your body a natural boost is the detox water.

Detox drink is water based fruit and vegetables infused drink freshly prepared at home and gives you a refreshing taste and feels while nourishing the body with water content and necessary nutrients which helps cleanse the body and flush out toxins.

Preparing detox drinks are pretty easy and simple! With simple ingredients easily available at home, one can make detox drinks at home easily. The fruit and vegetables included should be fresh and seasonal, you can make detox drinks according to the season it is. So if it is winter you can make use of ingredients which boost up the immunity and are easily available in the season. Here are a few detox drinks for your daily detox!

Cucumber mint detox water

This is the most common and famous detox drink which has been the best daily detox amongst all people. Cucumber is known for its freshness and polyphenol compounds which reduce aging. Cucumbers are light weight and do not add up to weight and also have high water content.

Mint leaves are natural antioxidants which help in speeding up the digestion process as well as soothe the mind. Mixing some cucumber slices and mint leaves in water and with a pinch of salt and keeping it away for half an hour would get your detox drink ready. Add ice or chill it in the refrigerator, and keep sipping!

Watermelon citrus detox water

Watermelon is known for is light weight yet watery feel which is already a great source of hydration for a lot of us. It contains citrulline which is basically amino acids which clean out the ammonia from the kidneys and liver. It filters the blood and gives liver a boost. Mixing up a little citrus fruit like lemon slices, orange slices etc.

Citrus fruits help in cleansing out toxins and increase the digestive tract. It helps in fighting with constipation, heartburn and even gas problems. Take a jar and mix up some watermelon pieces and slices of lemon and oranges. Squeeze a few slices and keep few anyway and lock the jar for half an hour. When the detox water gets ready just sip on it and get the instant freshness.

Ginger mint detox water

This is one of the favourite winter detox waters. Ginger is one of the best ingredients to use for a lot of health problems like digestion problems, nausea, bloating, constipation etc. slice 2-3 slices of ginger which are about an inch and mix it in a jar of cold water. Mix some mint leaves with it and keep it for some time for the water to take up the flavor.

Add a pinch of salt and your detox water is ready to sip. These two ingredients are easily available at home anytime and thus can be made multiple times in a day to stay hydrated and also feel good because of the soothing flavor of ginger and mint leaves.

Fruit detox water

Do we need to talk about the health benefits of fruits? Fruits are huge source of fiber and minerals and some are just too good as flavors for our drinks too. Using apples, watermelons, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit, etc in your detox drink can help in bringing some fruity flavor in your drink and make it more lovable.

Apples and strawberries have anti inflammatory properties and speeds up metabolism while grape fruit and raspberries can be very good to promote health and glow of your skin. You can mix any of your favorite fruits with some slice of lemon and mint leaves to chill in the water and sip religiously throughout the day for maximum effects. Fruit detox waters can be very good to flush out the toxins and hydrate the body while adding in the nutrients of fruits for your skin to glow!

Herbal detox water

Herbs can be a powerful detoxifying agent too. Inclusion of herbs into your diet brings in a thousand benefits. Herbs help in boosting up the metabolism as well as bring in a soothing feel. Herbs can be very good to solve the constipation problems and clean the blood and hence adding a little of herbs will turn your detox water into a soothing experience.

Rosemary is a detoxifier and helps in fat burning too. Dandelion helps in increasing digestion and is rich in Vitamin C. Basil is a very powerful herb both in terms of soothing properties as well as healing. Add a pinch of herbs into your jar of water and mix it up with a few lemon or fruit wedges, pair it up with one of your favorite fruits.

You can mix kiwi-basil, kisi-rosemary, apple-rosemary, pear-basil, pear-oregano etc to come up with your new fruit detox water daily. Drink it daily twice or thrice to get maximum benefits and visible glow within just a few days.

Detox water is a very hydrating and nutritive way of providing the body with detox agents. It cleanses the skin and impurities and helps in fighting against pimples, rashes, excess weight, stress, boils, digestion problems, nausea etc.

You can take Detox water daily, once a week or even in fifteen days. Just replace your water intake with the detox water. Keep on filling the empty jar with water again to get the maximum out of the fruits in the jar and use it throughout the day!