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Travel Plans Vs Relationships! A list of Few Things to Know When Coupling in Your Travel

Travel Plans Vs Relationships! We all have had our fair share of dreams revolving around the depictions in the movies where the couples travel the world in a song and stay happily ever after! But don’t we all want to know if it is all real or just a bubble that will burst with your first trip with your mate? Sure honeymoons are the loveliest times for the couples to bond and usually are planned as a holiday, but how many of us know if the honeymoon was really a romantically inclined fairy tale and not two people having table fights for their evening plans!

Well there are couples who leave for the destination holding hands in hands like the couples in the movies and dream of every pretty thing that they can do on their dream holiday, except they return home without the partner whom they would have probably killed for running their long planned trip and hence the breakup!

Travel plans and habits can be a big break for your adoration and can bring in a change in the otherwise going swift relationship. And just because we don’t want you two to fall apart your trip and bring yourself tons of memories back, here is a list of just a few things you should know when you are coupling in your travel plans!

Planning of the trip

There is a big difference in how two people plan their trip! Poor planning is always a turn off and especially when you are on a leisure holiday with your partner – not planning or poor planning is just not right! While some people are obsessed with go with the flow holidays, others are more towards deciding it before the trip.

The problem is when two different kinds of travelers enter into a relationship like marriage. While one would want a cozy bed to laze on the night and sip slushy cocktails in the afternoon, other would want an early morning getaway and a fun filled evening.

So it is extremely important to plan your trip according to mutual liking and keep an eye on the other person’s interest and take ideas from them of what they would like to do!

Know how your partner likes to spend time!

Well this was a crucial question to ask when you started dating first. But with the marriage and relationship already existing in a relationship, all you can do is know about their travel habits and their choice of spending time on the holidays and bring out a solution.

It can be havoc if your partner is a get up in the morning and cycle for the sunset kind of person while you are the get up at noon and go for party kinds.

The friction has to be adjusted keeping everything in mind and so planning well comes into the play and you must ensure to select a location that either matches your habits or your partner’s.

How much is too much expense?

Well there have been multiple reports and studies dedicated to learn the reasons of the couples fighting on a holiday. And a majority of them reveal that couples fight over the issue of money and too much expense a lot. It is when you are on the trip that you realize that things have gone overboard and the budget is going to get damaged soon.

This could be a reason of poor estimate or over splurging, but the fight with the budget issues is a common thing. All you can probably do about it is plan the budget of your holiday right, according to the place you are travelling and allocate money to all the activities you plan to do there!

There is always a need to keep savior money to handle expenses if they go beyond you budget, but keep it light when it comes to enjoying the place!

The fight before the flight

The truth about travel plans and relationships is that the fight begins way before the trip begins. The quarrels with the travel bags and mismanagement of clothes, the loss of some planning and missing out of packing some stuff are common quarrels held inside the house.

And what can you do if you get lost at the airport or are not able to handle your luggage well? The usual fights are prominent at the check in counters and the rush to catch the flight. And this is the reason that solo travels are on an all time rise with people choosing to leave their partners alone and travel solo!

Be there!

Travelling in a relationship is not about what you want to do, where you want to go and what your to-do list for the place is! Travelling with your partner in a relationship or marriage is about spending time together on a holiday. So when it comes to planning, there shall always be someone to look for advises and take feedbacks from.

Even the dinner plans and night walks shall be a discussion or mating when it comes to travelling together. Make sure you give importance to your partner’s time and plans and stay with them when they proceed with their plans. Like a mutual deal make way for each other’s idea of travelling and holidaying together and there shall be more understanding and less kill-me-now- moments!

Give your inputs for the vacation

Planning for the whole trip alone is where the problem arises. Why to trust your partner with the complete travel plan, make it a joint effort. Bring in inputs and make your plan a known and understood one so that there is no mess later. Plan it really well and ensure that both share equal responsibilities towards making the next trip a better one.

Travelling with your partner can get a little strenuous or sometimes go smoothly too. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that when you are travelling with your partner it is always about sharing the space in everything you do! Make sure you give them their interests and do yours! It is when both of you enjoy and embrace each other that your trip becomes a successful one!