Tips To Personal Styling – Get Stylish!

Tips To Personal Styling

Tips To Personal Styling – Get Stylish! Have you ever come across people who have inspired you with their dressing sense each time you bump on them! You seem to like everything they wear and all the style they carry! Well these are the people who can be your style inspirations and instead of just copying them blindly the joy is when you understand your style sense and make yourself much more style upgraded than you are!

Style is an extension of one’s personality! It makes statement everywhere you go and much before someone talks to you, you make for yourself an impression by scaling up your dressing sense. So when clothes and makeup can have such good impact on your appearance and the way people take you, why not just play well with it and make it a game changer for you!

Certainly the market is flooded with clothes but what works for you best, how to pair them with other clothes and how to be comfortable in everything you wear is something only a style diva knows! And so we are here to turn you into a style diva and get your personal styling done right. Let’s have a look at some of the tips to personal styling that we have for you!

Tips to personal styling – Find you inspiration

For upgrading your stylish looks you have to first undergo some research and that includes finding your style inspiration. There is bound to be someone who inspires you a lot for the dressing sense, color choice, etc. It can be a celebrity, a singer, a friend or even some model which has always awed you with her looks. It is time to know who it is! Look for the style icons on the internet and keep an eye on every picture that captures your attention. After sometime you will find you like more pictures or looks of one single person! And Voila! There is your style icon to take inspiration from! Tips To Personal Styling

Define the outfits

While you have just selected you style icon, the next step is to know her sense of style and what look she carries. It is only fair to look beyond her image and focus on the dressing he/she does. Look for the style she carries – it can be bohemian, classic, modern, chic, edgy, quirky etc. Know about her style and look for inspiration over the stores and people to get more inspiration on your styling.

Take that plunge

There are times when we are roaming in the mall and come across outfits we really like but don’t really go for just because they may not suit our look everywhere or we get conscious of our body to wear them anywhere. It is time that you take the plunge and pick up those outfits and have the courage to wear them. These outfits are the real style that has been defining you and you must have been running away from them since a while now. It is time to give all these clothes a try and wear them in public to make you comfortable with the style and break the shyness. Chances are you will love the first experience and completely start making a change to your shopping bag! Tips To Personal Styling

What’s your signature style?

Everyone has a little something which defines their personality and sense of style so much that it is inseparable. And thus it can be a signature heel, some pair of denims, or a statement necklace that always makes a statement everywhere you go! Like every style icon has some style pick which makes them stand out in the crowd, there has got to be one for you too! The fetish for funky jewelry, the sharp pointed heels or may be metallic look for the clothes, your signature style defines your style and makes just about anything for at least when you are wearing it.

The closet tour

Make a tour of your closet and understand the clothes you have. Sort your clothes and mix and match them to create looks that you like. Search for the long ignored clothing pieces which you had brought but never really wore them. The clothes that have been lying into closet with the tags on and the accessories which at a time appeared to loud to wear. Pair the look of your choice and make a move to walk in them for your short trips with your girlfriends or just for a movie. Once you wear these pieces according to your style, you shall be able to make variations and carry them perfectly. Tips To Personal Styling

Highlight your strengths

Your body might have a lot of flaws making you conscious in front of the mirror. Probably the most common reason for people to have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! The trick is to understand your strength and style yourself in a way that makes your strength get a highlight and cover up your flaws. So if you are not comfortable showing your back, just wear clothes with collars or covering up the whole back. If you thing you have good shoulders carry the cold shoulder or corset tops to highlight the feature. Playing your strength always works.

Complete the look

Styling is not just about wearing the right clothes it is also about matching your look with the clothes. Pick up your makeup palette and that lipstick to match up with your clothes and also put on some accessories to make the most in completing the attire and give yourself something to cherish!

Know yourself

As style is strictly upon one’s personality it is important for you to know yourself more. Choose what you like wearing and seeing yourself in! If something does excite you make you want to wear it then go for it! This can be a pair of sneakers with your shirt dress or may be denims with boots your style choice is entirely upon you!

Style is best when it speaks of what you are! Make your dressing sense and look match up with your personality and you can never go wrong with style!