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Quick Solutions for Your Social Media Problems

quick solutions to the social media problems

Quick Solutions for Your Social Media Problems – The world is here at the social media platform and sometimes it is a big problem! Yes we all start our day with checking the updates and status of almost everyone and before even getting up from the bed or looking around for our partner, we already know what the world is at! Each one of us holds a smart phone in their hands and with that comes the introduction into the social media platforms.

The quick updates on twitter, the sharing of pictures on Instagram, the Facebook check-in and what not! The real problem comes when you are a parent and your kid (who is no more a kid!) is finally on Facebook too! What are you supposed to do? Like the selfies they post? Check who likes the pictures and who comments what? Do you stalk or you don’t? stop sharing what you used to share earlier? hide your profile? Well the questions are endless and the answers just aren’t perfect!

While social media can be a big problem for parents there are other people suffering from the same Social media etiquette syndrome! What do you do when your character and life is based upon the profile you have created and how do you tackle the daily problems that come up with the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

And before you are ready to login for the umpteenth time, let us make you aware of quick solutions to the social media problems which have been troubling you from quite a while now!

Social Media Problems – Becoming less social

Sure you must have logged in to the Facebook and updated everyone with what you are doing and what’s on your mind. Sure you must have had an awesome chat with an online friend who seems to have been longing to meet you for a while now! The truth stands that the social media websites are the only places that you are social on! There are times when you do not seem to feel like going out or meeting new people but a new friend on request is welcome for sure!

With social media we tend to get comfortable with talking behind the facial expressions and get into the habit of talking with the pictures and words. The reality is there is nothing as happy and real as a living talking person in front of you! Log out of your social media account and get real with people, meet them often and make friends apart from the tiny screen!

Social Media Problems – The forgotten hobbies!

With time on the internet we have lost count of the days when we last read a book or spent time with something we like to do. It has become very easy to kill time on the internet and thus watching online videos and updating status updates has taken over the joy of playing cricket, walking in the park or reading the books!

We all have almost forgotten what our hobbies are and if we do, we have stopped living them. There are people who have been able to manage their hobby and internet together but we all know the struggle! Time to part with the useless hours into the internet and give more time and focus to us! Cut that one hour of Youtube and dedicate it to reading that new book, this might just be something you would love to do and at the end be happy about! Or may be visit a friend’s house and try something new, internet can definitely wait for some time!

Social Media Problems – Less communicative

We all have our own episode with this drawback of internet. Time and again we find ourselves talking to someone who is busy checking things on the internet. Well there are times when people try to talk to us and we are doing the same. In any way this is irritating and a conversation killer. Losing tough with the people we live with, internet is surely making it tough for us to be communicative and creating bond with people. You know what to do here!

Social Media Problems – Cyber bully!

The scariest internet and social media problem is getting emotionally involved with an anonymous person. We all try to share our identity with pictures and where about and then there are accounts which have all the details which might not be true. What happens when you get emotionally involved with someone over the internet and the story goes nowhere? Nobody is ready for the heart breaks of this sort and thus save you from falling for someone on the internet. Make way for real life connections and people and feel the joy of holding hands and not cell phones!

Social Media Problems – Self obsessed world!

With the update of pictures and statuses there comes the series of people reacting on them. And if you have managed to earn a lot of likes and comments on your picture, it is all about bringing into life the self-obsessed version of yourself who is confident that no matter what you wear or how you look people are going to love you! It is to some extent a confidence upgrade but after a point it turns into an obsession which only brings hatred and sadness. Thus an overdose of drama causes a lot of trouble when on the internet.

Social Media Problems – The non-existence on social media means non-existing!

Well internet has managed to turn the world round with the thought that when you are no more active on the Facebook, you aren’t available in life too. Make people aware that Facebook is not all it is! And thus connect with people in real terms and connect with them well to make them know that life exists beyond and internet and it is a happy place there!

Internet sure has made our life easier with all the new ways to connect to people living far, but it also has managed to create distances amongst the people sitting right next to you! Make space for reality to breathe between you check-ins and meet with real eyes before you compliment someone’s beauty on the internet! Social media is a problem and a solution, only when you stay in charge of your life before you charge your cell phone!