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Is a Selfie Your Friend Or Foe?

you   Stand- Pose- Look into the camera-pout-Click! Clicked a selfie? We all are obsessed with clicking selfies now. The rage has increased so much that people have started with their own versions of the selfies and have started to share it with élan. Go anywhere a selfie has become a priority.

Like an essence of your presence at a [lace, with a person, holding a new thing or just random momentary rants – a selfie is a must! The question that pops in each one of our minds is that is selfie really the culture we were in need of? Is it a good thing to get selfie obsessed? Is selfie a positive change or just another spoiler taking our life away! While you sit to answer about your camera choices let’s get down to finding if selfie is your friend or foe! Read on!

Selfies boosts self confidence

While most of us are camera conscious in the camera friendly world, there is a need to be open and upfront about your choices. Most of us are people who think that they are not photogenic enough or are more probable to be the spoil face in a group of pretty faces in a picture. This is the reason that many people walk out as soon as a camera is out! Selfies in this place bring a much required confidence.

It is noted that people who click selfie are more confident about their looks and have learnt to be more expressive and most important to face the camera. When you have a camera at an arm’s length with its control in your hands, it you who shows the camera what to capture and what not!  The timing is always right and there are no chances of the picture or expression going wrong. This boosts up one’s confidence in front of the camera, makes them aware of their perfect angles for the camera and makes them believe in better pictures.


You must have noticed selfies are not just about clicking blank faces, its about the expression they hold. People make funny expressions, winks, raise eyebrows and what not to make their selfies the best. Selfies are like an extension of one’s expression noticed in front of the camera by them. Although people learn how to be more expressive and open about their features, there are a group of people who find it more disheartening to fight with their confidence when they don’t get their expression game on!

Obsession for selfies

People have been going crazy with sharing more powerful and unioqeu selfies. Surely all of us love to share our creativity and genuine art when it comes to clicking selfies. There are people who go to careless heights to prove their creativity only to suffer. People have been constantly trying to find better ways and views of clicking the most unique and share-able selfies and in that urge even lose their lives.

There have been news of people going to visit places and trying to click selfies at dangerous places where a simple slip of leg or imbalance in their body took their lives. Obsession for selfies are real but one can be enjoy them only when one knows the limits!


This is the era of internet and sharing is the code! People have now started sharing their pictures on social media sites and there has since been just a trend to show off their lives and creativity in the form of pictures. While selfie can be a great way of expressing one’s mood or expression, it can also be a turn off when people fall prey to the camera and the rough clicks.

There are a lot of people who happen to click personal pictures and share them on social media. These pictures surely are liked by a group of friends but can be dangerous to anyone if used in a demeaning manner.

People fall prey to misuse of pictures often and thus there can anytime pe a case where one uses your picture inappropriately and If it’s a private one- more dangerous for your image! Sharing can be earning you likes but it can be earning you a threat too!

Over obsessed with looks

We talked about confidence being a part of your selfie, talk about over-confidence being a problem here! While selfies can be a liberating act to a lot of people giving them confidence and more openness towards the camera, there can be a serious harm of making people over-confident too.

It is because of the selfies that people have started to become too self obsessed and self loving that they have gone careless towards others feelings and appreciation. The craziness has crossed borders in a way that people find happiness in getting their selfies right and earning likes on them. And if the same does not get reflected in real life for all the real moments they get irritating and angry at the public!

Selfies are the simple camera clicks which people take with their cell phone camera at their arms length. It makes them the owner of their picture and helps in capturing the pictures just like they want it to be – being a focus off the picture too! One is always left with feelings of self contentment and happiness when they get their selfies right and no sooner they achieve that – the share button is hit!

One needs to draw the line – how much is too much! Selfie is liberating, creating confidence, and make one feel beautiful but it can also take people to dumb heights and obsessed clicks where all they care about is a good picture which is much above their feelings or sometimes even lives.

Selfie has become so important and obsessive that there is slowly arriving a time where clicks are becoming dangerous and sometimes a spoiler. Selfies can be a friend when you know how safe you can use it and it can be your foe if the obsession for selfie has increased much above one’s feeling and life!