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Save Your Food – Ways To Reduce Waste!

Ways To Reduce Waste

Save Your Food – Ways To Reduce Waste! Food is very important for our nutrition and well development. And it is disheartening to share that as much of food our world produces almost 25% of it goes as a complete waste. It is even more heart breaking that this 25 percent of waste takes place even when there is a greater proportion in the society who are not able to feed themselves well in a day. There are people less fortunate and poor enough to not afford food for a meal in a day, and there is a world where food is wasted as a matter of choice. Not only is it disrespecting the sources we have for our benefits but also about not being of any help to the people who are in need!

Throwing food is a bad habit almost as stops you from making efforts towards the unfortunate and doing a good deed. It is necessary to know that you can make a lot of people happy by not wasting food and it actually feels nice too! Here are a few ways in which you can stop yourself from reducing waste and save your food!

Reduce Waste- Plan for your food

A lot of waste of food comes from improper planning of the stock we have at home. The perishables consist of almost 70% of our diet and thus we tend to stock it up more. But what we do not realize is that they get spoiled as fast as they are brought. And thus you will have to sort between the dried noodles kept inside the cupboard and the fresh spinach leaves in your fridge. Make sure you bring in just enough to consume before they get spoiled and also ensure that you consume them on time! The canned food and dried alternatives can wait, but ensure that you cook or eat your perishable food way before you end up spoiling them.

Reduce Waste- Use the freezer!

There are a lot of items which survive for longer when kept in deep freezers. These food items are basically the ones which get frozen and can be reheated after almost a week and would still taste the same. The idea is to store them properly and make way for freezer storage. We have a habit of checking our freezers quite often than fridge and thus keeping stuff in there is going to be consumed more faster than the regular piled up fridge items.

Reduce Waste – Cook as much as you consume!

A majority of food waste happens when people cook food without noticing the quantity of food. You can make count of the heads that are going to be for the dinner and make an estimate accordingly to save the ingredients as well as hard cooked food from going to waste. Plate waste is very common too. And thus one should ensure that they serve or get served only proportions they are sure they would finish. And if they are unsure about their proportions, it is better to take small servings and repeat them later. This way one can surely save the plate wastage and save the food for someone else to eat.

Reduce Waste – Smart grocery shopping!

A lot many times while wandering around at the departmental and grocery stores we make assumptions of the things that are required at the house and pick them up randomly only to find that you already had them on stock. A complete un-smart use of money and food! So if you are going for grocery shopping or hitting the departmental store, make sure you plan in advance. Make way for time to make a list of items that need restocking and then visit the store to pick only the essentials. Best way is to order grocery online and get rid with useless carried away moments where you pick extra candies and items which you shall never use or cook!

Reduce Waste – Use your scraps

Whenever looking for something in the kitchen and deciding to make something for the dinner or snack, give your first pick to something that is soon going to be spoiled. The breads turning dry, the fruits that are turning spoilt or even the cooked noodles which are waiting to be fried can be used to invent new recipes or try new ones. Make use of these leftovers or drying items to turn them into something awesome and edible! This shall save a lot of food from going waste and as for the enjoyment you get something new to eat every time.

Reduce Waste – Donate the food!

Having a party an ordered too much of food or having the guests over for dinner and there seems to be too much of cooked food for you to eat the next whole day! You shall not be wanting to eat the left over the next day or they might even get spoiled soon, the best way to solve this situations is not waste the good food and donate them to the needy. There are help lines and organizations which do the service of picking up leftover food from households and distributing them to the needy. Take help of these organizations and call their number to give your leftover to be passed on to someone who had no plans of the meal that night. Thank us later!

Reduce Waste – Re-Heat!

Of course the cook food doesn’t get spoiled as soon as you think it to be! Take good care of anything you cook and leave them in suitable temperature for them to last longer. Keep the food well in fridge to reheat them again for some other time soon and eat it back. There is absolutely no harm in having the same thing for lunch and dinner. At least you are using your resources wisely and count the amount of money you saved on your dinner you could have ordered otherwise.

Saving your food from going to waste makes your kitchen more sorted, resources used well, saving of money and a happy feeling that you fed someone in need today! When you save your food from wastage you save a part of the natural resources you will be using for lifetime!