Which Red Is The Right Red For Your Lips?

Red is only one colour but we women know just how complicated it can get when its about choosing lipsticks! Lipsticks are absolutely loves tinting our lips and confidence in just a coat. While selecting a lipstick is a task on its own, red lipsticks take up most of our efforts. time and again we find ourselves buying lipsticks which looked really adorable when we saw the shade and bought them but no sooner we put it on our lips, the shade just isn’t the one we had bought.

Red lipsticks are easy to choose but once you have done so, there is no looking back! You must have found yourself obsessing over a friend’s lipstick shade and died to try to yourself. Bought them as soon as you got the shade and right when you applied, the red wasn’t that red anymore as it had looked on your friend’s lips. This is a very common scenario and the solution is only one – try it for yourself before you buy!

Lipsticks are not about the colours you choose or buy, they are about how they reflect on your skin! Lipsticks do the talking when you wear them! So no matter which brand or shade you have brought for your dressing table, if after wearing the red is not the red as the red should reflect – well it is not that red! Here are some tips on how to go for that red lipstick which looks red, feels red and is the right red!

Know what red is all about! – Signifying the colour

Red colour is a classy tone and a symbol of courage, strength and positive energy. When you wear a red lipstick it reflects strong character, bold actions and courageous moves. When you wear red your look automatically becomes a little classy and strong. Wearing red lipsticks are a game when you are desirous to create a strong vibe around you or don’t mind coming out strong amongst many.

Skin tone is important – wear according to your complexion!

You cannot choose a red just because you like it. The right red is when the red matches with your skin tone and how bright it stands against your skin. You will want the red to compliment your skin and not shine brightly against your tone. So if you are very fair you are good to pull off blue-red lipstick which is a bright yet with blue undertone perfect to brighten up a fair face.

For women who have complexion on a little darker side, tones of red with warm orange undertones shall work best. True red is a choice most people live with because it is not too bright and not too light for any skin tone and can be the perfect match for people with wheat-ish skin tone.

How intense should red be!

Red lipsticks can be of different types and we all know that! Your darkness of lips defines the intensity of red you have used for tinting your lips. Red has many shades from orange reds, to bright red, dark red, true red, crimson red, cherry red etc. The red which perfectly matches the intensity of your red choice for lips is the right red for you.

Deep reds are the classiest and chosen ones amongst the women and getting the right intensity matches with the look one wants. If you need a casual look or a day look red, the red lipstick must not be too intense. For a more party or dark look for the night there is a need to go for intense reds which makes red stand out.

Source: marieclaire.com
Source: marieclaire.com

Shine or matte red – choose the right lipstick type

When you are about to choose lipstick the various forms are more confusing than the right shade of red. There are lipsticks which are glossy, shiny, matte, liquid and what not. Glossy lipsticks are a bit shiny and creamish on the lips and reflect a sheer shine where as matte lipsticks have a dried-out look with lipsticks looking as good as the lips itself.

The shade of red chosen can also be based on the difference of the lipstick type you choose. Liquid lipsticks work well with bold and classy look and matte lipsticks are the best for day looks.

Choose from a wide range of brands and shades of red

When it comes to selecting the right shade of red, red is the ultimate need. Choosing from some of the known brands makes it easier for us to get the right shade of red because they have variants of red colour palette in their lipstick collection one out of which is surely going to appeal anyone.

Choosing a good brand not only helps in getting quality and safe products for your skin but also makes it easy to choose from the most widely known shades which have been loved by a lot of people. Brands like NYX, LA girl and Mac Cosmetics have beautiful red shades which are appealing and loved by women all over. Some of the preferred shades of red are:

  • Mac Cosmetics – Relentlessly Red
  • NYX – Simply red lip cream
  • NYX matte lipstick – Pure Red
  • Maybelline colour show – Red Rush
  • Maybelline Colour show – Apple red
  • Mac Cosmetics Matte lipstick – Ruby woo

Choosing from these reds is sure to make you find the perfect red you have wanted to wear all your life. The key to choosing the right lipstick is to try it for yourself and look at the effect on your lips. The lipstick worn by others might not be able to give you the same look.

As lipsticks work differently on different faces and skin tones, its good to wear it for yourself and make use of those testers in the beauty counters before splurging on the lippie investments. Red being a colour widely acknowledged as an essential lipstick shade in anyone’s wardrobe is pretty difficult to find but once you have got it – you have got it!