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Marriage Advises For The New-Age Couples!

Marriages as an institution is very fulfilling and uplifting! But are we the new age people getting the values of the marriage right? Are we enjoying our courtship and togetherness just like the couples in the old era did! More and more people are choosing separation of marriage or preferring to stay single.

The divorce rates are on an all time high and we fail to acknowledge what it takes to make our marriage work. What is it that we the new-age couples are missing in our relations that the marriages don’t last as long as it should!

Sitting in the park there are times when come across 90-year-old couples who still show that spark when they look into each other’s eyes. The way they walk together and the twinning of the hand just reflect togetherness of their soul and the peace they have when they are around.

While all we have today in our relationships is a series of fights and arguments ruled over by rush of office and meetings. Each one of us have a priority list and before ticking off the marriage point, let’s just keep it on the priority issue to solve in life and know how to be happily married in this era of arguments and separations.

Put limits to the arguments

Thinking that arguments don’t exist in a marriage is foolishness. Arguments are actually healthy as they bring out one’s opinion and make a straight conversation. It is the added drama in it that causes the real harm. Avoid making each argument a war and stop bringing the gone issues and fights into the present arguments.

One should understand that arguments are short term and should be on the topic for which it took place and not something that happened a month ago. Avoid saying anything you don’t mean! Fair argument is good but do try to solve it immediately.

Talk, keep talking and talk more often!

Yes we all have our priorities and every day schedules. We are on an all time busy schedule and thus we miss a lot of things each day that needs talking. As the new age couples living a fast life, it is important to establish good communication between each other so that we don’t lose out on each other’s life happenings.

Remember it is the smallest of missing that make way for bigger spaces between the couples. Make way for conversations, which are devoid of cell phones and TVs and see if you can spend time together.

Partner is priority

No matter how much you love yourself and your personal space, giving priority to your partner can definitely uplift a relationship. When you pay attention to giving your partner happiness or surprising them sometimes, it builds up better bond. Of course, the gesture has to travel both ways but there has to be some initiative too. Sometimes think of your partner’s happiness in situations and do things to please them too!

Stay off that internet

Internet is indeed a wonderful place with all sorts of illusions binding you. But when it comes to relationships, internet or gadgets are no good! Keep your personal life away from internet and enjoy the real life! Because no one wants to get lost in the word of visual attractions and hidden lies when they have a real living-breathing reality in front of them who is an absolute truth! Spend more time with your partner than the internet at least!

Plan dates!

It’s never too late to go on dates even if you are a newly wedded couple, married since years or in your 90s. Date nights give that dash of romance to your relationship, which makes the relation bloom. Getting ready to please them and planning something that both love doing will make both spend some quality time together with love all around. Keep the conversations light and breezy and flirt as much as you can, because date nights are meant for them!

Sex is important

Sex is also a way of communication. The way where the intimate bond between two people grows and they get comfortable in each other’s company. It is noted that couples who have sex more often are more secured and happy in their marriages than the ones who miss out on it often. Regular sex can help you stay connected to the tiniest of habits of your partner and bring in a bond, which just is inseparable.

Take time out!

It is not uncommon to miss out on couple time and sex time when we have a lot to do in our lives. With children, work and commitments keeping our time filled with sad adventures, it is needed to take time out for vacations and holidays where the prime focus is your partner and the love that you both share.

Choose to go on sex holidays, lazy weekends or just stay at home on your weekends and turn your room into a paradise of love. Take time out to watch Netflix, eat pizza or just have a 2-hour long bubble bath with your partner.

Burn the cliché – Sleep over arguments

Agree it or not, after a certain point of time the arguments become useless and continuous without any direction. No matter how hard you try, they aren’t going to get solved in that night. It is ok to sleep over the matter and try a different perspective with the sunrise. It is likely that by the morning both of you will either forget the issue or start off with better perspective.

Imperfect Marriages are the new perfect!

No relationship or person can be completely perfect it is the imperfections that add spark in our relations. So if you have a nagging habit that annoys your mate, it is ok! If your partner is way too talkative sometimes, it is okay too! It is the imperfections that keep the hope and fun going in marriages!

Don’t give up too soon!

Giving up has become too easy, hard it is to keep working on it. The only way to stay married is to not choose divorce. One should give their double- the best to keep their marriage working and make every effort that they possibly can.

Your efforts will either change the situation or the person to make the marriage work. There can be worst of times in marriages but quitting is not the solution – working on it is!

No matter how advanced a couple is, the basis of marriage and relations stay the same – Love!