How To Keep Your Winter Wear in Good Conditions!

Winter wears are absolute loves! We have a special place in our heart for our winter wears. The jackets, the hoodies and the boots all just take up so much of love on and off season that staying away from them is impossible! While we love to wear them so much, do we take care of them equally? Winter wears deserve a lot more attention and care than you do! Winter clothes are made up of dense fabric which absorb the cold and keeps us warm. As the regular wearing clothes get cleaned regularly and is easy to dry up, it takes time and care to look after the cleaning of winter clothes.

And because we do not want to part without winter season by just wearing them once or in a year, we have to take very good care of them so that they stay with us for long. Be it season or off season taking care of your winter care is important. So here are a few tips on how you can manage the winter clothes cleanly in the winters as well as keep them safe and secured during off season.

Fall season and taking care of winter wear daily!

Handle with care

Do we need to emphasize on it? Look up at the cloth notes and it is always written that you have to handle them with care. Every day when you wear your jackets and use oit regularly it is important that you look after them like you look after yourself.

When you are home don’t just throw them away. Make them hang on a stand or hook where they are supposed to be. Do not use perfume or sprays on them as they can spoil the cloth and as the jackets are not washed off that often, they are going to stay for long in the clothes attracting dirt. Air-spray the jackets and coats every day to keep the dirt from clogging in the coats.

Follow the washing rules

Every cloth has a different fabric and should be taken care of well. One should keep in mind the fabric of the cloth when they are washing it. So when it comes to washing the jackets and coats look at the instructions given and wash them accordingly. Washing clothes according to their specification ensures the goodness of the fabric to last longer and hence save the fabric and the look from getting spoiled.

Sweaters & knit wears are exceptional

You cannot handle sweaters and knit wears like you handle the jackets. As sweaters are delicate and can come off if not taken care of one should never hand them anywhere. They are to be kept securely in stacks of your wardrobe. Molding or tweezing the sweaters can wear off the quality of it and fall tiny balls on the material which can be difficult to remove and spoil the look too.

And when the winter gets over, stock your winter wear carefully! Know how!

Get them cleaned

The first and foremost thing to do when the winter season gets over and you think of storing them back into dark wardrobes is to get all your winter wears cleaned thoroughly. This does not mean that you get to wash them all together. Keep an eye on the details of each jacket or sweater and clean them according to their directions.

Stacking up the boots

Boots are as delicate to maintain as hard and tough looks they give when worn. It is important to store them creaseless and with enough space to not make marks on them. Thus experts are of the view that boots and shoes must always be stored in their boxes.

So make use of tons of tissue papers and roll each pair in them and store them in boxes. This will ensure that the boots don’t lose their shine and don’t crease as well. Also, you can invest in wardrobes which are meant to store shoes and have separate place for boots. Clean them once in a while and store them in there!

Follow the CCDD rule

Store your winter wear Cool, Clean, Dry and Dark environment to keep your clothes healthy and breathing. If the environment is too bright, too damp or too dusty, it shall make your clothes turn bad and smell bad too. Make sure you adopt to the storing well and make use of naphthalene balls or clean air purifiers to save the winter clothes from smelling bad as they are going to be stored for almost 6 months there!

Keep them away from daily wears

When the season is off, you do not store your winter wears with the general wears. Make out a separate section for storing your winter clothes and make sure it is a complete section of winter wears. You do not want to bump into these in off season and mess with them again and again to make them dirty.

Take up a trunk or even a separate section in your wardrobe that you don’t open daily and store your fall season clothes in them. Make sure that you have used adequate drying and smelling agents like lavender balls, lemon peels or even cedar to keep the clothes dry and smelling good. Do not load the clothes in the wardrobe and give them enough space to breathe.

Clothes provide for an extension of our personality. And when it is the winter wears these are our most stylish and valued investments in clothes. Be it branded boots which were love at first sight or the jacket that you brought from London, each piece is a treasure!

Keeping them safe and sure may seem like a task, but getting to wear them in the season just like you had worn it for the first time is an awesome feeling too. Save yourself from destroying your clothes and mourning over them, keep your winter wear healthy and it shall make your smile healthy too!