It's not Rocket Science

How To Really Live In This Online Era!

Internet has surely managed to bring an adventure into our lives. With the constant need to check our social accounts and update status, check on the email on the go, make our work mails, update the blog, reply to people and chat with friends – internet has become our best friend! But do you realize that while walking with your mobile phone in your hand and scrolling through your online feeds, you are missing put on a lot of people and views that could alter your life!

With internet making it well into our business and hobbies, there isn’t a day passing by without going through our updates and bank details, online payments and YouTube videos. And we have become well trained to be connected to it as much as it irritates when you have bad internet connectivity.

But have you ever wondered when was the last time you actually enjoyed keeping your cell phone off and ignored those gadgets? The time when checking in was not as necessary as talking to the one going out with you! Definitely not that often!

It is time to take the no-internet challenge and bring positive changes in your life. Because your online status updates can wait but the real life cannot. Join hands with us to know how to really live in this online-era!

Focus on real life relationships!

So you got a thousand friends on Facebook but not a single to drink a cup of coffee with! It’s time to quit the online illusions and get real with your friends! Take time out and spend time with the real talking-expressing people who can hold your hands, talk to you and above all get expressive in real sense.

When you focus on real life relationships you aren’t alone anymore, because trust us no matter how close a friend on the social network, it’s still just a chat screen staring back at you!

Do something apart from gadgets!

Switch off that internet and your cell phone. Take a walk down the road, try a new hobby, observe a sunset, talk to a stranger, do anything that makes you happy, but just not with the use of internet! Spending time in the natural environment with real people by your side will make you realize that there are a lot of fun things to do in life apart from just scrolling through the feeds and being online every time.

Don’t look for acknowledgements

When we share a selfie or a picture of something we are doing currently, agree it or not it is about showing the world what you are occupied in! For once keep those habits off and do something that does not need acknowledgement.

Something that needs no likes or retweets or shares!  Sharing something on social media does bring out a lot of views and helps us in getting noticed and famous, but the one thing you are sacrificing for all that fame is your personal space. When you try to recreate the life things without wanting to be socially accepted for it, you understand that there can be secrets between nature and you.

That some meetings with friends are best kept hidden, that some music can be your personal playlist and that some thoughts are just your own and not a piece of advice for the public. Go out to get experiences and keep a lot of it to yourself because it can be your strength and make you happy each time you are reminded of it.


The daily need to post something new, check someone’s feed or keep a track on your follower count can be really frustrating. All this rush just takes away all the peace filling in the spaces with anxiety and depression.

One is needed to take a break from the internet and bring out pleasant moments where they should not be bothered about the beeping of the phone or endless phone calls that make the hours of the day just vanish.

Unleash yourself with ‘No gadget days’ or ‘no cell phone days’ where you stay offline from internet and are available only for real and to do some real work. Get on with your friends and do some shopping, sipping coffee or just go out on a dinner with family. Unleash is necessary to know life!


It isn’t about banishing internet from life. It is about appreciating the real things and making use of the internet as much as needed. This is the time when internet is not a luxury but a need. We start logging in to one website and it leads to a series of checks and logins, lookouts, status updates, posts, like and replies.

What one has no idea of is that when we choose to go on the internet a 5 minute jump just turns into hours and there is no returning back. This can ideally be a loss to your work, time and relationships.

And so, there is an imperative need to prioritize the use of internet. Allot time and works for which you need to look up to the internet and when done just switch it off for the day. It is as important to get real with lfie as it seems important to go online. Making the distinction and prioritizing our life makes it easier to stay connected to you and to other too!

Internet is a boon if used correctly and a wizard if it is all that you breathe. In the era where crops are grown in apps and ‘stay in touch’ only means a chat, it is a spiritual experience to get real and talk to eyes that really speak and voices that really make a difference.

Choose to go online and make your presence felt on the social media but above all make your presence felt in your own life and to your own people who will be there even if internet waves off one day! Which well it does sometimes!