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How To Know Whom To Marry!

Marriage – one of the most tempting yet argued relationship! Marriage is ritual to many and an institution of complete happiness for others. But with the changing times and perceptions, marriage has come out as a nightmare and sounds more like confusion rather than a choice. The fact that you are wanted to spend your whole lifetime with one person and share your days and night with him is scary enough. But if you have the right person next to you, this does not sound that bad!

Thoughts that for sure kills us daily is ‘who to marry?’, ‘what to look for in a partner?’, ‘How to know if he is the one?’ and more importantly ‘what if I am wrong?’. Well marriage and choice have its own jitters and before you sign up for your life deal, it is safe to evaluate your choices and know what makes you happy! Who and what qualities in someone make you happy! Because if you can pair up with a person who brings constant happiness in your life, you marry him! This is not because you have to marry HIM, this is important because you have to marry your happiness!

There are a lot of books that talk about the joy of relationship and togetherness and the authors take it very seriously to make you understand the kind of partner that will make your life beautiful. While all of it might sound like bit more of confusion, take a look at some of the points to consider before getting married!

Marry someone who laughs at your jokes

When it is about sharing complete happiness, it is important that your partner knows the jokes you crack and genuinely finds you funny. Even if you are making an effort to be funny and entertaining, it is fulfilling to know that you can make someone laugh, more so who laughs at your jokes genuinely and without a doubt believes you to be an interesting and fun person.

Someone may like your likings but surely hates what you hate too!

Liking something you like, matching choices, same love interests are something which makes us believe that we are friends made in heaven. But when you are thinking of a pair up going beyond friendship and interests, it’s about similarities in hate too. Surely it sounds good that the person you will marry will have the same likings and choices but marrying someone who hates the same thing as you do – now that’s a match! This shall reduce a lot of friction and make way for those secret stares which you steal from the public and share stories in private to laugh over them!

Someone who likes you too!

Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing that someone likes you as much as you do. Someone who is ready to share silent moments of nothingness sitting around you and still feels like an interesting conversation! Someone who you would like to be with even in the worst of situations and not care about the worthlessness you might have inside. Marrying someone who feels more than friendship for you is a perfect match!

Someone who shares the same space as you do!

Mating with someone who thinks of the same way as you do can be a great relief. Marry someone whose idea of love and life, whose thoughts on marriage, complement yours! Someone who does not care if it is a lavish 5-day event or a single exchange of rings, who happily watches your favorite movie and manages to make you watch that match too. Someone who is not obsessed with the table settings as much as he is with your smile! Do anything but make sure that the person you marry shares the same thought bubble as you!

Marry someone who is calm and patient with you

Let’s agree we all do not want a person constantly screaming at you for no reason at all and loses patience at a sight. If you are an angry headed person, you surely do not need another one in your life. Because when you are angry on not finding something in your wardrobe and getting really messy with things, you need a person patiently looking at you and in a strike telling you what’s wrong. May be scolding you for the loss or making you calm down – all lovingly, now that’s a treat!

Parent’s choice!

Love or arranged when your parents like someone you like – it’s a bonus! Because lets be true here, parents know us better than we do, and they just get the hints of the person will be well with us or not. So if your partner and parents can sit on a table and smile at each other, you have got your pick!

Someone who loves you right!

A lot of people love you but if someone does go an extra inch to get you smiling and shows love in the most unexpected situations, now we are talking about it! You do not need someone who keeps treating you with love 24 hours but someone who hugs you at the end of the day and brings you coffee. Quality and intensity of love any day beats the lavish love!

Someone who has seen you ugliest!

Is it even possible to cry like a baby and look like a rotten egg and someone still comes and holds you, makes your calm down and takes care of you like a baby? Well if it is then marry him! If he can love you and take care of you when you are at your ugliest self, he can do so any moment of your life and thus marrying him is a pleasure!

Marriage is a beautiful feeling of togetherness and complete happiness that you want to experience each day of your life, so when you have to decide of the one and who should it be. Just have a look at the person and if he makes you smile, and makes you happy enough to keep making you smile even years later, marry him!