How to Keep your Breasts Firm and in Their Place – Practical Advice

Keep your breasts firm and in their place following these practical advises that you can start today and achieve results very quickly. Although the tendency is that the skin loses tone and it occurs more frequently in the bust area, you can restore firmness to your breasts with perseverance and good habits we show you here.

Causes for loss of firmness in your breasts

Age, weight swings, poor posture, lack of exercise and many other factors influence the appearance of breasts. Although always we dream to have them in place it will not always be so because there are actions that we usually incur daily, reducing the elasticity and firmness of the breast, causing them to fall or lose their natural form.

Keeping firm breast

Breast surgeries are undoubtedly the most used technique today to restore their appearance or increase their size, but are not infallible techniques, they can be harmful and not all have the physical or economic conditions to undergo a surgery, so you’d better go aside laziness, and follow some of these recommendations, surgery or not, they will be of great help to keep your breasts in shape.

Cover them with clay

You have probably heard that clay removes blackheads and it is true, but its benefits go far beyond that. A mask made of this product helps to tone and to reaffirm the bust. The preparation is simple. You just have to mix 100 clay with an egg white and place it with gentle circular movements throughout the bust area. After about 10 minutes, rinse with enough warm water. Apply two or three times a week and you will notice the difference.

Ice helps maintaining the firmness of the bust

If before you did not cared for keeping ice in the fridge now you will want to do it. This procedure is much simpler. Place the cubes in a plastic bag, arrange them on the breasts and rub them with circular movements. Do it for a minute so there is no numbness (it is very important that the ice does not have direct contact with the skin of the breast). Then dry with a towel, gently patting them and lie down for 30 minutes. With the use of ice you can give firmness to the bust.

Do not forget creams

Use firming creams every day at night, take some time to give a gentle massage. To do this you must put one hand behind your head and with the other hand spread the cream preferably based on collagen. You must do it with upward movements from the inside out for at least a minute. Then, repeat the action with the other breast. It is important that you do three or four times a week so you can see the results.

Exercise helps reaffirm the chest

Swimming is an excellent exercise to tone up the breasts and it is special to avoid sagging breasts, it can also help other complementary swimming exercises. It is vital that you keep an upright posture, you use a good bra, learn how to choose the right bra, avoid the sun, quit smoking and take lots of water. Remember that the years always leave sequels, but you can always do something to slow its effects. Try the best exercises to firm breasts.

Another advice is that you try to maintain a stable weight, as the sudden changes in weight cause sagging. Incorporate in your diet foods that contain calcium, vitamins, essential fats and minerals. With all this will achieve to have firm breasts longer.

Re-affirmants remedies for flaccid breasts

Lemon and rum

Mix ½ cup rum (125 ml) and 1 lemon juice and let stand overnight. The next day put it on the breasts and let stand for 10 minutes. Remove with cold water.

Using Vaseline

Stir 40 grams of Vaseline, 20 drops of essence of lavender and 1 gram of extract of blessed thistle. The paste should get apply from the bottom up with smooth movements. Do not worry about rinsing because it is not necessary.