How to Create your Own Style of Dress

If you want to draw the attention of strangers and impress everyone when entering a room, you need to distinguish yourself from the crowd and to easily get it, you can create your own dress. Create a unique style that reflects your individuality can be easy and fun.

1 – Check your closet. Check the clothes you have and choose the ones you like. The clothes you decide to keep your body should be set so that favor and have a look to mix with your figure. Discard or give away clothes that do not fit properly or you do not know if you‘re going to use on the street. A good rule of thumb is that you get rid of the clothes did not use in the last 6 months (except for seasonal clothes like sweaters for winter or bathing suits for summer).

2 – Choose the items you like. Determines the elements that you like clothes you decide to keep, such as cutting, sleeves, embellishments or color. Make a list of these items and take it with you when you go shopping.

3 – For inspiration. One way to encourage and develop your own style is to discover what looks good on others. Flip through magazines or watch TV to find trends that catch your attention. If you often receive compliments because you look like a celebrity, you find your name on the internet and look what used to complement your skin tone and size. You can also visit crowded places such as shopping malls and sidewalks of downtown. See what people use and takes note of the fashions you like.

Considers incorporate into your wardrobe some elements of a subculture. Some subcultures promote the unique fashions that reflect a particular lifestyle. You do not have to push as hard to adopt an extravagant appearance based on a specific subculture. However, you can find inspiration in different subcultures that exist. For example, perhaps you like the bell-shaped skirts using Gothic Lolitas or flight jackets used by skinheads. When you see an item you like, you can incorporate some elements to your wardrobe.

4 – Ask for help. If you have problems or inspire you care to have a bad taste in clothes, ask the opinion to someone else. Contact a friend or a close relative who has a good sense of fashion and ask what he thinks would look good on you. You can also visit a department store or boutique that sells clothes you like to ask the seller to help you create a style that looks good on you.

Do not be afraid! It can be difficult to ask for help. Remember that most of your friends and family want you to feel your best with the clothes you wear it. Similarly, most people working in clothing stores are eager to help you and will love to find a suitable style for you.

5 – Do not forget the shoes. A pair of new shoes can add a different touch to your style. Looking shoes that you can use often and harmonize with the overall appearance to try to get.

6 – Go shopping. When you find the items you like, start shopping. You do not have to fill your closet at once. Instead, consider buying in short intervals (for example, space a few weeks) until you get all the clothes you want. Visit the thrift stores, shopping malls, discount stores, boutiques, department stores or purchase on the internet.

Shop with a friend who is not afraid to give a critical friendly (but constructive) when choosing clothes. This way you get an honest opinion about your style.
Buy clothes out of season. You can buy clothes that are out of season to save some money. For example, buying shorts and swimsuits in the fall or in the spring sweaters.

7 – Find a good tailor or seamstress (optional). The clothes sizes are designed to fit the crowd, so it may not fit your figure as well as you wanted. If you find an item you like but do not fit well, take her where a tailor or seamstress to fix it. You can make that change almost all types of fabric everyday for very little money, and boosting self-esteem you will have to wear a garment that fits perfectly will make the price worthwhile.

8 – Ponte accessories. Enhance your regular appearance with some interesting accessories. It can be as simple as buying new shoelaces or wear a belt of a discrete color. If you really want to alter your appearance, try on some jewelry, scarves, hats or hair extensions.

Adorna clothes you already have. With some sewing skills you can add to your clothing ribbons, beads, embroidery, zippers, appliques or other elements. Visit the craft store in your area to find ideas and materials.

9 – Combine your wardrobe. Try to match different clothes to get a unique and fascinating appearance. For example, try combining your shirt without sleeves with your privateers new pants, even if you think you look good. Perhaps all you need to harmonize these garments is the belt that you have saved since last summer.

10 – Change your hairstyle. Although the hairstyle is not part of the clothes, you can drastically alter your appearance. Try to arrange your hair differently in the morning or check if a shampoo or a new product make it look better. If you go to court or try a radically different color, consultation with a stylist to know what would look best on you. Find pictures in magazines or the internet to serve you inspiration and carry them to the appointment with the stylist.


Choose clothing that favor your body, which fit perfectly and are not expensive.

Fear not copy. If you admire the style of another person, borrows his ideas. Just keep things that you copy to a minimum as you could irritate that person.

Do not try to wear clothes that you outgrow the pretext that makes you look slim (a). Actually your body does not work that way. Everyone over age 30 should have a full-length mirror that must be used before going outside.

Use colors that make you feel happy and attractive (a). If you feel good with your clothes, you look good in it.

If you try to save money, not finish your search discount store. Although these places always lower their prices, you can find cheaper clothes in thrift stores.

If you’re a girl, try a new makeup. Visit the makeup section of a department store to receive a Free Makeover. Tell the makeup get what you expect, but remains willing to accept his comments as might be hiding your best features. Be prepared to buy at least one product as a thank you.

Do not stress if someone copy your style. You are more than a style and your appearance is composed of several elements. Take it as a compliment and find something new.

If you really want to stand out, you can make your own clothes and accessories. However, you need skills to sew, crochet hooks, among other things.

Have fun with the clothes have great bold prints and patterns.

If you’re a girl short, put on clothes with lace or ruffles. The garments of this style will make you look taller.