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How to be Energized Throughout the Day? 5 Essential Tips

Have you ever felt tired and weak in the body to reach the end of the day? Have you had that feeling of lethargy in which the mind becomes lazy? Or maybe you just want to have even more energy? Have confidence, You can do it! The essential changes are sometimes the simplest, and those little habits lie the keys to a chatty life, where physically and mentally active you are. Here you will learn how to fill energy from early when the day begins, until the time you close your eyes and you propose to sleep. And best of all: every day that passes you will go feeling better. What are you waiting? Dare to follow these essential tips to feel full of energy. You have everything to gain.

Morning exercises

The mind and body are closely linked. So start the day with a positive thought predisposes you to a pleasant day. Open your eyes and thank you for this new day; It is in you put a good face and solve the challenges that go succeeding with a smile, taking care of your emotional energy. After a few words of thanks, go to the window, open it and feel the cool morning air. It is a breath of fresh air that feels good to the body. Then sit in a chair and do the following breathing exercise. Inhale deeply for a few seconds, one second catch breath and then exhale. Completely removes the air from your lungs, hold another second and then inhale again. Do five to ten minutes; and you never force, just breathe naturally, trying to fill every corner of your body with pure, fresh air. This exercise deep breathing massages the internal organs and helps relax the body and mind. Finish your morning routine with some stretching. Stand up, take your hands and stretch them up. Then, with hands still taken, stretch to one side, remains a few seconds, then stretch to the other. If you feel any discomfort in your body, begins to gently stretch the area where the trouble resides. Just remember: keep your mind focused on your breath and keep your smile and positive thoughts. This way you will be filled with vibrant and active early good energy.

A Good digestion

If we were aware of the amount of energy we waste in digestion, we would care more about what we eat. Careless food represents us everyday physical wear and often also an emotional drain. Ancient Chinese medicine as Hindu and put a special focus on food, because they knew that the key to an energy and positive life lay in optimizing the processes of digestion. Here we give a few simple tips you can put into practice and gain energy. During the morning is a time when our recovery cycle produced by the dream is still active. Thus, a mainly fruity light breakfast, is ideal. Do not overdo it with food in the morning or make mixtures of very different foods; this will be helpful. At noon it is, according to Indian medicine Ayurveda, the time of day when we have more digestive power. Therefore, intended this time to have the strongest food. But do not confuse strong with careless; consumed as fresh and natural foods possible. If you eat chicken or beef, accompany it with a salad of many colors. If you eat a cereal such as rice or quinoa, or pasta, try to accompany the dish with vegetables. This facilitates digestion and nourishes the body with the vitamins you need. Wait three to four hours for a snack, so that the body can rest. And then, at night, have a light dinner. Night is the time when the body is predisposed to relax and recharge your battery, and a heavy meal will upset this natural cycle and prevent adequate rest. You’ll read about the importance of sleep in the last step. Just know that with a light dinner, you facilitate optimal sleep and prepare for a new day in the best way.

Being physically active

Being energetic becomes energetic attitudes. You have not accomplishing energy by staying in bed or having negative thoughts and you wear. Physical activity is a great power generator, and this does not necessarily mean doing a sport or go jogging in the morning. There are small changes that produce big results in a short time. Get used to think active. When you see a ladder, do not go automatically by the escalator or elevator. You have two legs; use them. If your job is not far off, wake up and go for a while before walking. If you are further away, you can use the bicycle. There is nothing more beautiful than the morning start moving the whole body, and the morning sun caressing your body while driving your bike is one of the nicest feelings to start a nice day. Get used to walking. Use less public transport and walk more. Do not think it’s a waste of time. Physical well-being is never a waste of time, and you’ll notice that you feel better. It is not necessary that your friends are always in a house or in a bar, they can also chat while walking, walking the neighborhood or pleasant areas where you do not normally travel. Of course, doing a sport, either a martial art, yoga or just go to the gym, it will help. Also go jogging is both morning and evening, when you return from work. But with these small changes you will make huge energy developments. Get used to think active. Make a habit to move the body. Remember: you have two legs and two arms. Use them!

Positive mind

Today it is no longer a surprise that the mind can save energy or provoke the opposite, an impressive use of our physical strength. Stress is a known problem for everyone. There are many ways for energy filter of our body: having a sedentary and passive life, making lavish digestions requiring us lots of time to recover, and also the emotional and mental wear. Just as it is a nice and productive habit every morning to thank for having a new day, usually go transforming negative thoughts into positive reward you immediately. Use “check points”, ie, times of day when you make a record about how you feel, how are your emotions and how you want to be, how you want to continue your day. Do not expect the end of the day to review how you are, or maybe that night chat with a friend or with your partner to release tension. Caring energy and recharge is a job every hour. When you eat breakfast, take your time to think about what you want and you project for this new day; when have lunch, take your time to eat every morsel with quiet and thankful that food will become part of your body in an instant, make a balance of what has happened in your day and how you want to follow; when you get off work, do not allow yourself to enter the stresses of many people returning to their home nervous and irascible. It’s your time, enjoy your return home and do not let yourself be distracted by the mishaps that can happen (whether you have transportation problems or problems at work). Learn how to turn the equation. What was once bad, I transform it into good. Accept this, with everything that happens in it, and learn to control your emotions. Faced with the same situation you can react positively or negatively. If reactions positively, with a smile, accepting what happens, you will save an immense energy that can be designed to better causes. Do not hesitate, you can. Remember: a positive mind day after day and cultivated with patience, and the changes that will occur in your energy level will be considerable.

Restful sleep

Sleep is vital. This is where excellence recharging your energies. Is the key moment to focus your attention on your physical and mental strength, and is the moment when you close a cycle and open another, you end one day and get ready to welcome the next. So I do it the best way. The quality of sleep is often downplayed or at least not sufficiently taken into account. When we led a life in nature, without the valuable advances in power, we kept inertia adequate rest, we introduced us perfectly in our “biological clock”. When the sun fades on the horizon, everything in nature and in our bodies predisposes for reflection, serenity and rest. Many own habits of our culture as studying late, working after hours, go out drinking with friends, do not allow us to make proper use of this valuable energy is the dream tool. This does not mean that completely change your lifestyle. It means you’re more aware and can act accordingly. If you sleep before midnight, especially around ten or eleven at night, your body can rest in a very superior way. If before sleeping you keep calm and peaceful mind, instead of watching TV or have important discussions, your body will go into the dream of a much more pleasant and efficient manner. If you have also accompanied with an early light dinner, so that digestion does not disturb your energy recharge while you sleep, the benefits will be considerably higher. Try it: go to bed early and relaxed, with light stomach and digestion now completed, sleeping without using technological devices such as television, computer or cell phone, and you’ll notice the huge difference in the quality of your rest. In the morning you will feel vivacious, and that will lead to a significant increase in your energy flow. Sometimes the simplest changes are the most effective. Remember: have energy depends on you, and no doubt you can do it. Try these tips patiently, as if they were a medicine. You will see results that will leave an impact on you.