Duck Soup

Happiness is Just 10 Steps Away! All you Need is to Walk a Little More into Yourself!

Happiness has no accounting and in life’s random moments we have a sudden realization of what the real thoughts inside roll. A few months ago, when I was sitting in a bench at the park, I was observing a young couple who had just got married and the man was tingling with the ring in the wife’s hand and constantly teasing each other with flirtatious tints. Just overlooking the scenario at the park, I had a sudden feeling if I had the same relation with myself and my husband back at home. Was it still as young and fresh, cheery yet understanding to be this happy? Or was it just a new couple thing long gone with the rush of survivals? And what if all my theories were wrong, and I was actually unhappy with myself and just jealous of this couple brewing love!

I looked closely at my life events in the new few days and found that overtime I had become more anxious, more angry, more routine and the daily life had indeed made me unhappy. The usual smile flashes were just usual and did not carry a spark. Where was the happiness gone? Life indeed needs constant revival strategies and there I was building one for myself. Set on a Finding happiness journey to build up that love for myself, the smile for mirror and a little love for the people back there at home.

Did I find it? Yes I did. It took me quite a while to understand what I really wanted to be happy, what would bring about changes in my mood and anger issues. And so I thought what better than making a few more of you aware of the ‘Finding Happiness’ tricks and spread some love! Here you go!

#1 Make small satisfying changes

I took me a while to understand that all I needed were moments of self-contentment. Working for long-long hours in the day and even into the dark nights would in no way make me feel better tomorrow. For a better tomorrow I needed a good morning and surely a good night’s sleep. Giving myself moments to relax and not constantly overburden myself with work helped!

#2 Controlling anger

This by far has been the most uplifting yet difficult thing to do in my life. Giving up on others and throwing anger had been easy but holding it in and letting it cool down within was a struggle. As soon I used to get angry, I began with a habit to deviate my mind and sit down for some therapeutic tasks. Gardening and cooking helped me stay calmer and other times it used to be a walk in the park which would bring me closer to nature and away from anger issues.

#3 Pretend to be happy

They say pretend to be something and you will become one someday. I did pretend each day, each morning to be more happier and cheerful than it used to be inside me. My actions indeed boosted up the people around me and reflected back on me with equal amounts. The days started getting happier and something to look forward to. The mornings brought about better feelings than it did in years now.

#4 Splurge and eat

Apart from the guilty pleasures what actually makes us happy is having good food, feeling good by the way we look and other times being able to do a task better than we did before. Shopping and indulging into some good food helped me fight those blues and create positive energy within.

#5 Exercising

I had never realized that working out would have such intense effects on me. From the days of “Too tired and busy to go to gym..” I had become “Let’s do this!” The loss in the inches and the energy that flowed in me made me feel so much better about myself. The work out took all my frustrations and instilled self-satisfaction which was beyond measures.

#6 Solve the problems

Indeed there are times when all we are left with is constant nagging and buzzing of things we are into. If something would go wrong I would start blaming the universe for it. Until I realized that it had something to with me also. I started being serious about my problems and took them with comfort and understanding. Working each day with a much calmer mindset, made me solve my problems easier and made me much confident and calm as a person.

#7 Satisfaction

There isn’t any definition of satisfaction; we all have a different version of it. The best satisfaction is when you realize it faster and settle with it. The more demanding and specific we become of something, the more unsatisfied we are. It took me time to understand that everything is not going to be according to my wishes, there will always be something missing here and there. The best is to accept it with what you got rather than feel dejected of the missing pieces.

#8 Indulge into happy habits

Doing something that gives you peace and satisfaction is like coming closer to yourself. Once a person knows how to please themselves without materialistic things, they will know where to find happiness. Reading books, spending time in the park and watching cartoons had been some of the things I enjoyed doing and I made it a ritual to go connect with the nature and myself each day to make myself happy first.

#9 Connect

There is no joy more satisfying than connecting with new people and knowing their stories and lessons. Each day meeting happy people and connecting with them brings about a positive change in life.

#10 Take Charge

Don’t get blown with the air of the weather, stand firm with your thoughts and build your own storm. Take charge of your feelings, thoughts and decisions and stand firm with it. I had let a lot of people decide things for me and blaming them for it often made me unhappy. Until one day I realized that blaming me for a bad decision was a better choice. Taking charge made me self-confident, independent and contended.