6 Hair Care Hacks Every Girl Must Know!

They say a good hair is a crowning glory which makes you shine and glow! Well, we all are blessed with a crowning glory but not able to keep it the way it should be. The daily rush and the carelessness seem to take away all the charm of our hair in a flash and all we are left with is a struggle to restore it back to where we began! Finding recue to good hair is a ritual by now that countless surfing on the internet and thousands of applications at home haven’t seemed to find out as yet!

To tell you the truth, a good hair day is a simple and routine care away! And thus it is very essential to give your hair the much required care to bring back the lost shine and softness. With constant care you can surely turn your hair into something awesomely glorious and keeping your confident high. So here are some of the hair care hacks which each one of you who is struggling with their dull manes should know.

Know the type of your hair

There is no hair care without knowing what kind of hair you have. It is very essential for you to analyze and understand your hair type and make sure that the process you are undergoing to keep it well is actually working or not. When you know your hair type, it becomes easy to understand what your hair needs and what shall bring more volume and shine to your hair. Like frizzy and dry hair does not need products that leave your hair dry, they need products which bring in moisture and lock them in the strands. And same is the case with oily hair. Oily hair does not need moisturizing shampoos, they need a mild shampoo that cleans the scalp and removes excess oil. Knowing you hair type will make it easy to figure out the hair care needs and thus amplify your routine.

Hair cuts

Hair cuts are as important as growing your hair well. Ask your stylist to at least chop off the rough part every 2 months. This ensures that you give your hair the right quality and growth that it needs. Also maintaining your hair long enough from shoulder is important as it does not require as much care and maintenance as the hair which is shorter than your shoulders do. Giving regular haircuts bring in the much needed cleanliness and sharp look making you aware of the further steps required.

Shampoos and conditioners

Choose them wisely! The market is flooded with products from everywhere and there needs to be a careful understanding of their contents and the effect they are going to have on your hair before buying them. All the shampoos are designed to use according to the type of hair one has and so understanding what your hair needs is very important while selecting these shampoos and conditioners.

Choose good quality shampoos which do not damage your hair and suits the moisture or dryness required for your hair. It is also necessary to go for herbal and chemical free shampoos to make your hair survive the test of weather and use of artificially made cleansers. Of course there are handmade shampoos and conditioners available in each of our houses and using them can be good way to keep your manes healthy so don’t shy away from using them too. But while you are at the habit of using brand based products for your hair, ensure of their quality and effect on your hair!

Hair masks

Yes you do use conditioners to give the much required moisture to your hair but it is necessary to keep an extra eye on the hair care needs and nourish your hair with something that penetrates well into the skin and provides your hair with essential nutrients that it needs. Taking help from the hair masks is the ideal way to do this. Choose amongst the ingredients that your hair needs the most for its care like the essential oils, honey, curd, aloe vera or even almond extracts and apply them on to your hair overnight conditioning. Wash off your hair in the morning to get the best of results.

Use the combs wisely

Each comb you use is designed to be used in a specific way and for a specific use. And so know well what type of comb should you be using and when! Of course the myths are to be busted and so we would advise you to use a wide toothed comb right after you wash your hair to get rid of unwanted hair tangles and get them sorted easily. This is in no way going to harm your hair. Wide toothed comb work best for damaged and frizzy hair and the shaper toothed hair are best for styling. Know the use of the comb and use them according to your needs.

Heat Treatments

Styling you hair makes it go through a lot of heating treatments like blow dry, straighteners, curlers and their rough use on the hair. Heating your hair up with these machines is in no way working towards your hair health. Sure they do give you the salon like look but using them cause great harm on the hair quality and only degrades it. Stay away from the heat treatments to save you from rough, dry and damaged hair.

Take time out from your daily struggle and understand what your hair needs. Keep your hair a priority and use everything that makes your hair healthy. Of course there can be salon and home treatments, but eating right, meditation, working out and living a healthy life has a big effect on your hair too. Thus it is extremely essential to live healthy to promote health for your manes. Thus one can surely keep an eye on their hair care with simple health care routine and a simple hair care hack that is quite easily understood by us all.