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Your Contribution Towards Green Living – Let’s Go Green!

Your Contribution Towards Green Living –  Let’s Go Green! The world is going crazy with the weather and climate changes happening and drastically changing our lives. The rising levels of temperature and sea level, the absurd changes experienced with the weather, the rising pollution levels and the degrading quality of food we get are all examples of how much of harm we as humans have made to the planet Earth.

And so is there the initiative to bring back the glory of Earth as it was before. The green living initiative from various organizations and NGOs is gaining momentum and bringing some goodness to the world. Every step counts and every bit works and so making small changes into your lives can be your way of working for the cause.

Several celebrities and powerful personalities have been regularly resorting to observing “Go Green!” as their motto and have been following their steps religiously. Planting trees and promoting greenery is something that is sure to turn back the disaster. And because you can surely do simple changes in your life and contribute to a much greener planet Earth, here are a few ways for your contribution towards Green living! Let’s go green!

Turn off the electronics

Electricity has sure turned our lives upside down since its introduction. With our life practically revolving around the use of electricity for just about anything, it is sure that living without it is impossible. The continuous hours of laptop working, the switched on lights, the Air conditioners and other electricity working for making our life comfortable is in some way contributing to making our life uncomfortable in the long run. And thus it is necessary to make an efficient use of the electricity.

Make sure that you use your electricity effectively and switch off the lights and laptops as soon as you finish with your work. Don’t let the electricity run when you don’t have its use. This will not only be a big step towards a green environment but also save a lot in your pocket.

Say no to plastic bags!

Let’s just say that we should switch to BYOB! Whilst saving you a lot of change each time you go shopping, it also saves you from collecting a thousand plastic bags which are useless anyway. The best favour you would do with this step is save the environment from getting more of plastic goods which are difficult to destroy. It takes way too longer for the plastic to recycle and thus completely eradicating it from your life will be a big step towards going green!

Is your engine on?

Well another biggest destroyer of the nature is the continuous burning of petrol that creates pollution. Driving car for endless hours and creating pollution is one of the prime reasons of why we have such harmful air around us and we fall sick way too often. If you cannot completely switch to cycling, the best thing you can do is take very good care of your driving habits. Make sure that your care is thoroughly maintained and does not cause more pollution than it is supposed which generally happens because of ill working motor, old parts, unchecked air in tyres etc.

Switch off your engine as soon as you stop or when you are waiting for the signal to go green. These small steps will ensure that at least the pollution caused by you gets reduced by as good as 25% which if we collectively count for each one of us, it reduces a good 20% of the world’s pollution because of automobiles.

Plant Trees

Go green cannot be related to more than what is called planting trees. Having a garden in front of your house is a dream we all live by. This might be just the best time to do it the right way. If you do have free space around your house or even in your balcony, fill them up with small plants or even trees to make them look beautiful and also do favors to your living. Planting more and more trees is the need of the hour and brings more health and cleaner air around us!

Use organic or recyclable products

Make your house a healthier place to live in. Bring only those goods and products which are either organic or  we can recycle. This ensures that your house is filled with only healthy choices and is always safe for your health. Eating vegetables that are grown in organic farms ensures that there is less use of fertilizers and thus makes the environment cleaner and greener.


There is no alternative to the use of paper. We are surrounded by it everywhere we go. Starting with the newspaper reading from the morning to writing journals in the night, paper play an important part in our lives! Saving it is necessary to stretch the use of paper for years and thus one should use it effectively. Make sure there are lesser crumbled pieces of paper to throw, lesser rough use of paper, lesser throwing of old books and more awareness towards efficient use of paper.

Don’t Dump! Donate!

Earn yourself a good deed and make your life better! When you donate your used clothes and books, it makes may for efficient use of resources and thus stops the ruthless production of books and clothes which only increases the carbon dioxide level in the air harmful us only! Apart from the resources needed to burn the clothes and again increasing pollution, used clothes are in no way contributing to the environment. Make sure you give them to someone less fortunate to help them live better and promote green living too.

Going green is a choice that is going to change your and other’s life for better! Choosing healthy options and uplifting your life with greener and cleaner living, you are bound to make effective change in the way people look at the resources and make an impact on their awareness about the green living. Let’s go green and make this planet a healthier and safer place to live in!