No Sweat

Fitness Is The New Black! A little left, a little right – stretch!

A little left, a little right – stretch! Raise a little up, open yourself up and breathe! Take a deep breath in, leave a big breath out – Relax! You know the rules right? Staying fit and on track is the mantra each one of us is adhering to! And be it anybody, just speak a word about physical fitness and you will come across hundreds of tips of how physical fitness can be so uplifting for our lifestyle. Indeed FITNESS IS THE NEW BLACK!

Don’t tell us that a fit and perfectly suited man is not hot! Or that dress does not look good on someone with the perfect waist line! Do not try to tell us that someone running in the morning is not cool! Well the world is getting obsessed over marathons and morning walks, yoga classes and meditation sessions. So why not just wear your black and let the skin glowing?

Meera’s grandma is 80 years old and still maintains her lifelong habit of getting up early in the morning and dedicating her 45 minutes to breathing exercises and some yoga moves. The result, Meera’s grandma is way fitter and can walk more than Meera can at a stretch. Meera’s grandma wears any cloth and rocks her outfit when Meera struggles between clothes to select the one which hides her flabs. Choosing health isn’t a big deal when you know just how much is good for you and will do the task if done daily! Let’s take the fitness pledge and include ourselves in the fitness marathon that the world is running into!

Start with the little things

It is the little changes that make a big difference when it comes to fitness. With the smallest of binges to sugary habits we make our body unhealthy and fully loaded with calories and it is with the simplest and smallest of changes that there shall come the difference. Choosing stairs over lifts, Walks over rides, quitting sugar, evening walks and even choosing fruits and vegetables over junk will make you lose a lot of weight and take you towards fitness.

Take a 30-minute walk daily

Walking is a good exercise not just for making your earn those toned legs, but also because it improves the blood circulation, brings you closer to nature but also gives you a meditative treatment and some time alone to be happy with yourself. They say that if you walk bare footed on the grass for half an hour every day, you will be much happier and healthy. Walking is god for your health as it increases your stamina and brings boost in you! And if you can run, there is no looking back!

Take up that hobby!

You must have been ignoring time and your favorite dance class or karate sessions because you do not have time for yourself. The office life, the family needs, the rush to stay updated with just about anything makes our life very messy and disorganized. It is time to clean up your schedule and make way for something that actually makes you happy and fills you up with thrill. Dancing, playing games, badminton, squash, football, karate or cricket choose any of your games and make it a part of your life. This shall help you in keeping focus on the rest of the things and make you a much fitter person to balance everything single handedly. Because one game is necessary to teach you how to play with the life games!

Join the Gym

If your weight is troubling you and even walking for a kilometers makes you pant then it is time to take serious action. Joining some mechanized classes or sessions like gymnasium might be a good solution. With careful treatment an understanding of your body type, you shall be able to shape your body well and bring that much required stamina and power in you! The regular workout sessions at gym and shedding of sweat will make you aware of how important fitness is and the drill will transform you into a fitter you!

Make your workout a fun activity!

If you are not the one who stays motivated with working out alone, then indulge your friends and make your workout a fun activity. Take swimming and sport activities as a way to connect and play hours to make way for fitness. When high intense activities are done with your friends you workout more and don’t get bored or tired.

Focus on good food

Fitness is no way means quitting good food or living tasteless. In fact, you can eat just about anything as far as you are burning out all the calories or more from what you consume. And so choosing healthy food is given more importance. When you reduce the calorie intake, the need to burn out more decreases and hence there is less need of a workout. We say, eat as much as you can but burn it up with your active muscles!

Take care of muscles!

Indeed working out and stressing your muscles is necessary to burn out those extra fat and make you fitter. But your body shall need a good time to rest too. And so give yourself mini treats and breaks to enjoy lazying around, playing that Netflix and enjoying the time with your friends partying. Get back to your routine again and make effort again to achieve another target back!

One day at a time!

Fitness is not a one day goal, it is an everyday plan! And so one should always think of making short term as well as long term goals! Every day is an input for a fitter you tomorrow! Choose your exercise, food and mantra well to keep yourself on track and earn the reward points when you reach the long term goal. It is the constant effort that makes you reach towards your goal. Skipping your meal isn’t the idea, choosing healthy servings is!

There is nothing hotter than a fit body and a confident and active soul. And hence choose the path of health to stay updated on the life’s fashion! Be you!