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Everything You Need to Know About Joining a Football League

Getting Started

The intensity of American football definitely appeals to individuals who enjoy physicality in a sport. However, if you adore the game so much and want to take the next step beyond being the cheering fan in the stands or in front of a TV set, then you can get in on the action by joining a local league.

It really doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or a construction worker or in some other profession, you have quite a number of options available. These options are diverse, so that regardless of your skill level or competitiveness, there is a good fit out there for you.

Types of Football Leagues for Men

Flag Football

This is one of the fastest growing types of football leagues.

A city’s recreation department or city affiliates of national organizations usually set up these leagues in cities.

The top appeal about flag football is that several leagues are available at all times to choose from. The different leagues cater to differing skill level and team size.

Skill levels vary from A-level (involving some contact) to D level (less contact and more strategy).

Team player size ranges from four to eight.

Individuals looking to enjoy the health and social benefits of playing gridiron should also consider coed leagues. Many regions of the country have coed leagues.

Semipro League

If you are more into the traditional variety of gridiron, then flag football would not cut it. The semipro league is a better fit. Semipro football teams deck full pads and so can engage in aggressive gameplay.

Joining a semipro league is not as easy as joining a flag football league though. First, you have to engage in tryouts for a team.

You earn a spot on the team if you scale through the tryouts. Earning a spot does not imply that you would be paid.

However, that is not much of a bummer, as you would be playing the game you love. Furthermore, if you impress an NFL scout, you may get a chance to join the pros slugging it out in front of thousands of fans.

After deciding on the type of league to join, you can then focus on finding the right place to play.

Joining a Football League in Your Area

Flag Football

Flag football leagues often run in many cities around the country. A good place to start your search for a league close to you is an established database.

A database aggregates independent leagues by state (for those in the US) and/or by country. A good example is

Independent leagues abound that permit you to apply for placement in an existing team or create a team. The team you create may consist of friends and colleagues.

The leagues provide the basic equipment and referees.

Aside databases, you can also visit your county and/or city recreation departments to find flag football leagues.

Leagues listed with your city’s recreation department would offer more options than independent leagues. You will likely be presented with choice of skill levels to choose from for appropriate matching.

Semipro Football

A tryout is your ticket into semipro football leagues. Therefore, you have to attend tryouts in your area if you are focused on semipro ball.

Open tryouts are commonplace and practiced by most teams way before the start of a new season. What the teams would be looking out for from you during tryouts are agility, speed, and basic football mechanics—throwing, catching, kicking, and blocking.

If you are looking for more information on the types of football (flag football and tackle football) and what each skill level entails (amateur and semipro), then consult local leagues around you.

Usually, they organize open meetings to share relevant information to help individuals determine which type of football and skill level is appropriate.