Do’s and Don’ts of Fall Fashion

Fashion is the most glamour quotient of our lifestyle. We try to keep ourselves updated with the fashion trends and make an impact wherever we go. Fashion has not only evolved as a game changer of reflecting a personality but also as an important aspect to keep you feeling good. When you follow the trends you feel excited about trying new things and keeping your style on check. Fall fashion is a most awaited fashion trend which people wait for! Bringing in the new introduction of fabrics and styles to be worn in the fall season, the fall fashion is the most loved trend

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Fall season is the most style worthy and trendy season and when you have your fashion game bang on – there is no lying behind. With new variants of jackets, shrugs, tops, socks, shoes etc designed specially to be carried around in the fall season, the designs are a fine blend of warm fabrics and glamorous designs. This year fall fashion has people drooling all over them and it is very important to them right to stand out with your style. And if you want to know the do’s and don’ts of fall fashion this year, read on and be the glam girl!

Bell Sleeves

The hottest trend this season is the return of bell sleeves. Had you every imagined that you will again be able to wear the top you adored a decade back? Well its time to! Bell sleeves have made a comeback with its presence not just on the tops but also gowns and dresses. These are sleeves which have a flared end towards the wrist and are quite fitting on the arms. With velvet being the best pick for flaunting your bell sleeves style choose a dark shade of velvet dress or tops with bell sleeves and you are good to go!


You are well acquainted with puffers! The puff jackets which used to be a daily thing in the winters years ago and made us cover up well are back again! Puffers are super comfortable style fabric which helps us cover with foam like finish on the cloth and keeps us warm. The best part about it is that is gives a shiny glossy look and is perfect to flaunt in a party. With puffer jackets, coats and even a slight introduction to the evening gowns, the style has broken the old myth and is not the hottest trend. Puffers give volume to a lean body and can be the best partner to pair up with just anything from casuals to party wears.

Statement Chokers

Accessories are an all time love. We love when something new is introduced to us in the form of accessories. This season’s rage is all about carrying statement chokers. Chokers are bands and necklaces work close up around the neck. With this season’s trend being more about loud and extrinsic pieces with affluent designs, statement chokers are a must pick! Choose from wide range of pieces that are designed with details of fabrics like velvet, laces, ribbons, as well as statement pieces of metals and stones which have a voice of its own.

Stripe suits

Suits have long been into the play for women fashion but this season it gets a makeover! With stripes making an entry into the suits for women the old cliché of plain block colors for women suiting takes a back seat. Stripes are the new trend and if you are fond of dressing up in suits, give stripes a pick this time. Also, to add up the bold style statement to suits is the new trend of making the trousers a little short and up to the ankles. So when you choose for suits for the fall season opt for suits with stripes and ankle length trouser to give a chic look to the regular formal wear.

Block boots/heels

The fashion trends this season has a got a little high with these extra high boots that were once worn by David Bowie. The style is back with block style heels on the boots as a major trend this fall. Boots like always has been a fall favorite. Adorning boots comes naturally in the cold weather and if it is a statement in-trend piece – Why not! These block style boots are mostly a rage in the black and white colors and can be a statement piece over your regular dressing.

Extra Long Sleeves

Talk about long sleeves and we cannot get enough of the long sleeves style introduced this season. Extra long sleeves include the sleeve design which not just surpasses the hands and fingers but also falls well below the hands. The long sleeves are a big trend this season taking dresses, jackets and even tops under its aura. The extra long sleeves look glam and chic and can be the right pair for any party outfit.


Comfort wear never goes out of fashion and same is the story with the hoodies! Super comfortable to snuggle in any season and can we worn just about anywhere, hoodies make an entry into dress style and extends the hoodies love to even casual dresses.

One shoulder

One shoulder tops and dresses had been a rage in the 80s and since then being wanted heartily by a lot of us. This season, one shoulder tops and dresses make a comeback with a dash of glamour. With a lot of ruffles and even one extra long sleeves playing as the detail, the one shoulder tops can be your perfect pick this season.

Leather Trench Coats

This is indeed the right time to take out your coats and jackets and if you have been missing one pick a leather trench coat. Looking much like leather raincoats, this style makes one stand out with ease!

Metal detailing

It’s all in the details. While much of fashion is reflected in statement designs, metal have made its entry into the wardrobe in tiny detailing. Small areas where metal tassels and rings replace stitches are a new introduction and can be perfect for ruling that modern and chic look or even street style.