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Date Tricks For You – Find Your Date!

So you asked politely, took her to a good restaurant, ordered the food of her choice and conversation too was quite interesting – but she did not give you a call back! If this is what happened to you, and you are not able to relate to anything that could has gone wrong – you are not alone! Almost each one of us have gone through a series of disastrous dates which helped us learn the dating tricks and earned us the second date at some point. Dating is actually a harder deal that it sounds.

While going on dates is pretty exciting it hurts when someone says no or does not respond after a first date! It’s time to get real and know that something might actually have gone wrong! As dates are the stepping stones for relationships and your sitting alone at home and watching Netflix just reflects your poor dating skills! And if you have been wondering of the ways in which you could convince someone to go on a date with you or get someone to ask you out on a date, you are at the right place!

How to crack a date?

Never be too fast on asking people out on a date. When you meet someone new and get talking with them, there has to be some connection between you both to agree to go on a date. Give your ‘date permissions’ a ditch and focus on the person, their talks and interests or at least find out if you interest the person enough! Once you have known that the person is interested and is enjoying time with you, you can pop out the date question in a casual way! This can be for a cup of coffee or a book reading session or something that you both enjoy doing!

Go beyond the usual spots

You might be a regular to a club and met your last love of your life there, but this is not going to be the scene every time. There have been couples who have met at the most unusual places and dated for life. Choose to go for different places and auras and explore as much as you like as it will always be an unlikely place where you shall spot your next date. It can be a grocery store, the queue while going to buy movie tickets or even while walking your dog out on the park. The idea is to visit several places and not turn blind on people.

Let your friends find your date!

Friends are your real partners in crime! They know exactly what kind of a person you are and they also know the list of unsuccessful dates you have been to. It is only fair to allow them to find a date for you, as they are not going to be wrong about the kind of person you would like to go out with and match up too. So the next time your friends come up with an idea of fixing you up with their distant friend, give it a yes!

Consider your friend’s and crushes

It is never too late to redefine your friendship and make a move towards the friend who is interested in you! Try to jump through the ‘friend-zone’ and try to go out on dates with your friends. Because you have similar views and understand each other a lot, chances are high that you shall be able to make your date interesting and worthwhile. Besides, friendship forms the stepping stone of any relationship and thus can really be a life changing experience for you both.

Dating sites

There are a lot of singles on the internet waiting to meet their mates! With a number of dating sites for your perusal it isn’t difficult to meet new people and share interests. Look up for the most popular dating sites and get to chat with a number of people around your city. You can see their pictures, share their interest and more so able to talk to them before deciding if you want to go on a date with them.

Create an impression!

Dates are exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time! While you are making mental notes and preparing yourself for the big meet, make sure you don’t miss out on creating an everlasting first impression. An average person takes up one’s understanding of personality and interest within the first twelve minutes into the meeting. So if you are planning to dress well and look good and how to crack a hello, make sure you know what you are going to talk about and things that could make both of you cling!

Don’t play! Be real!

A lot of people say that men are quite a chase and that women are best at leaving hints. Well let’s just forget the past rules and get real! You don’t have to laugh at their jokes if it isn’t funny. There is absolutely no need of fake compliments.  And those cheesy dialogues are better left unused. Make sure you go for real talking and real compliments which are genuine. Get more responsive and ditch the hints, just hit it off with honest confessions. There is nothing as impressive as getting real.

Follow the gestures

Meeting for the first time and not noticing the little things of your date isn’t fair! One must know that it is the hidden stares and hearty smiles that speaks volumes and must be given importance to when it comes to striking conversation with someone new especially when it is about a date!

Mind your body language!

Do not go overboard with your friendly nature or attraction. Behave your best and avoid touching or using unintentional words when you talk. It is the use of language and body gestures which make the person uncomfortable or comfortable for the next date.

Avoid sharing too much!

Wanting to share a picture or a story is fine until the date turns into storytelling session! Make sure you don’t share too much of pictures and stories and keep the communication two way, light and breezy!

Dating tricks can help you get guidance and learn the ways, but in the end it is about your personality and self worth that is going to be the winner! Remember that one date is not the end of the life you will get the right person eventually!