Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing – The Three Word Miracle!

Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing – The Three Word Miracle! Skin is our comfortable zone! We breathe and live in it! And thus it is very essential to keep an eye on even the tiniest of things of your skin to make it look soft and supple. There is no alternative to a younger look soft and dewy skin. We all acknowledge and praise a well maintained, clean and glowing skin. It is because of the daily additions and inputs that our skin becomes what it is! Thus, there is a need to bring utter care and understanding into our skin and make them just how they should be – soft and glowing!

Keeping your skin healthy isn’t a big task when you know the right steps to do it. A lot of women follow a skin care ritual which makes them keep track of their skin health easy and going. And thus there are few simple routines which everyone must follow for a smooth, soft and supple skin that doesn’t catch any rash, redness or marks.

Following the cleansing-toning-moisturizing is one such way of keeping your skin cleaned, toned and hydrated with nutrients. So it’s no use being lazy, get up and get going with this easy three step ritual that every woman swears by. As for the benefits, we promise you will never look back again!

Let’s have a look at the ritual we religiously follow – The Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing therapy which is a three world miracle for our skin today!


Our skin goes through so much while we are busy with the work. The routine travels bring in so much of dust and dirt that directly hits our skin and makes it their home! And then the use of chemicals and cosmetics into the skin makes it even more prone to resting bacteria and harm in any way possible. The constant hours that we are indulged in working or running here and there, our skin is constantly exposed to harmful germs and bacteria! And so when you reach home or try to rest, the first and foremost thing that you should indulge in is – cleansing!

The ideal cleaning routine is to remove all your makeup and dirt with the help of a make-up remover! Take a small cotton ball with a generous amount of makeup remover on it and clean your skin with it. This shall take off all the makeup on your skin and leave it clean. And then wash off your skin with a good face cleanser of face wash.

Choose a face wash that suits your skin and does not leave it too dry! Herbal face washes work best! This helps your skin get a lot of water cleaning and takes off dirt easily. Pat dry your skin and you shall feel fresh and clean!


the second step to clean and well maintained skin is toning. Once you have cleaned your skin with a good face wash, it is time to take advanced step to clean it thoroughly and give your skin its PH level back. There are a lot of toners available in the market- both herbal and chemical. Toners are used for opening up the skin pores and remove any left out dirt clogged in the pores.

These help in cleaning the skin thoroughly as well as regain the lost PH balance of the skin which had been washed off because of the face wash. PH level balance in the skin makes the skin not too acidic nor to sally and thus perfectly balanced for healthy breathing.

Make use of a quality non-acidic toner for your skin. Just take a little amount on a cotton ball and wipe across the face to make it spanking clean and light. The mild soothing effect will make you feel fresh and watery on the skin. The watery effect fades way in seconds to make your skin ready for the next step!


Moisturizing your skin is very necessary to prevent the skin from a variety of problems like drying up, flaky skin, early ageing, fine lines etc. Of your skin is moisturized well, half of the skin problems are instantly solved. The point to keep in mind is that you should not moisturize your dirty skin as it keeps the dirt on your skin and makes your skin even worse. And so cleansing and toning is very essential before moisturizing.

Moisture is needed in your skin to keep the cells alive and breathing, make them soft and supple and thus bring a life to the skin! You must however choose your moisture with a skeptical eye as you do not want to go overboard with the moisture,. Know your skin type and find the product that you are in need of.

People who have dry skin need intense and hydrating moisturizers which are loaded with oils so that it lasts hours and does not leave their skin dry any sooner. As for the people who have oily skin, the moisturizers are to be mild and soft to complement with the skin oils and not get loaded up and leave the skin shiny with oil. Thus choose the right product which makes your skin look hydrated and not caked with moisturizer.

Just take a good amount of moisturizer in your palm and run it smoothly into your skin till it absorbs it well. It will take a few minutes for the moisturizer to rest well on your skin, but it shall surely look fine once it is done!

And there you go! Your daily routine to swear by a healthy and glowing skin is sorted! Do it daily and we bet you are going to be loaded with compliments and queries of your routine of skin care! As much as you would love to look into the mirror and adore your shine, people shall be tempted to compliment you with healthy and adoring lines for your skin. Bonus: There shall not be moments of disaster and panic where you shall cry for a younger looking skin! Love the skin you breathe and live it well!