It's not Rocket Science

6 Effective Ways to Supercharge Your Business with Facebook Apps

Introduction to Facebook Apps

What Are Facebook Apps

Chances are you own a smart mobile and understand what apps, short for applications, are and what they do.

In general, Facebook Apps are no different in form or functionality to the apps on your mobile phone. The major difference is the platform.

The apps on your phone run on Android, iOS, Windows or some other mobile OS.

Facebook apps, well, run on the Facebook website.

Uses of Facebook Apps on a Page

The basic use of a Facebook App is to extend the functionality of your page.

To put it simply, you use a Facebook App to add a useful feature that is not available on Facebook by default, without writing your own code.

An example of features you can add to your page using a Facebook App is the ability to share a recent blog post on Facebook automatically.

Important Facebook Apps Guidelines

  1. You can install a maximum of 11 apps on your Page
  2. Of the 11, only four will be visible below your Page’s cover photo
  3. An extra “More” dropdown tab will be visible below your Page’s cover photo. Clicking on it reveals a list of the other apps on your page.
  4. Of the four, the first two must be “Home” and “About”
  5. You may also choose to display apps on the left side of your Page’s Timeline
  6. You can rearrange the apps as the “Page Admin”

Ways to Promote Your Page Using Facebook Apps

  1. Integrate Other Social Media Networks

The whole point of social media marketing is to connect and establishing links.

However, it can be tiring to cope with regular updates on the many platforms where you have to maintain a presence.

This is where cross-promotion and integration plays a vital role. You can automatically cross-promote content that are on your Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram feeds directly on your Facebook Page.

Apps you can use

  1. Statigram; a free app that lets you pull your Instagram photos into a Page tab
  2. Tabfusion; a paid suite that contain a selection of simple apps that enable you to pull content from several sources such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Ficklr, and Tumblr
  3. Woobox; a suite that offers a free app that enables you to integrate your Pinterest feed in your Facebook page. Another useful app from Woobox, although paid, is a Pin to Win contest app.
  4. Connect Your Blog to Facebook

A very effective way to draw traffic to your blog as well as engage your Page fans is to repost your blog entries to your Facebook timeline.

Sure enough, there are apps to automate blog reposts, freeing considerable time for other pending tasks on your to-do list.

Apps you can use

  1. NetworkedBlogs
  2. RSS Graffiti
  3. Manage Promotions and Contests

Perhaps the most potent way, besides sharing awesome content, to promoting your business is to run a Facebook contest or promotion.

The demand for quality apps for this purpose is high. Consequently, many vendors, including a few of those mentioned above, offer some sort of sweepstakes or contest application.

However, the best Apps you can use are:

  1. ShortStack; Lots of tools at an affordable price point
  2. Offerpop; Plenty of contest app types
  3. Strutta; Ideal for photo and video contests
  4. Convert Fans to Email Subscribers

Organic Facebook Reach has been on the decline since 2012.

This means that only as low as 2% of your fans would see your Page posts.

By contrast, email open rates have continued to climb each year since 2007.

According to stats from MailChimp, as at June 2016, open rate ranges from 13% to as high as 28% depending on the industry.

What you should do is pretty obvious at this point—get the email addresses of those who like your page.

Apps you can use

  1. MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Aweber each feature sign-up apps you can add to your Facebook page
  2. TabSite; offers a free email sign-up app
  3. Integrate Ecommerce

All businesses stay afloat by selling a product or service.

If you are in Ecommerce, you can seamlessly sell your products through your Facebook Page.

Apps you can use

  1. Heyo, used to be Lujure; allows you to build out commerce-oriented tabs and add links to your products
  2. Ecwid
  3. Shopify
  4. Set Up Responsive Customer Support

Most individuals use social media as the outlet to share poor experiences they had with a brand or product.

As a business, keeping in touch with existing and prospective customers can be the difference between recording and not recording a sale. It could also prevent or at least assuage a PR disaster.

Apps you can use

  1. Get Satisfaction
  2. Parature

Alternatively, you could use a preferred app vendor to create a custom feedback form, which you would host on a tab on your Facebook page.

If you choose this option, endeavor to collect relevant information and appropriately respond to the feedback you receive.

When You Might Be Needing An Experienced Developer

The list above is certainly not exhaustive.

There are various other creative applications of Facebook Apps.

However, to create some apps, you may have need of an experienced developer if you are not one.