5 Effective Tips to Look Sexier … According to Science

These are some of the tips that, according to scientific studies, will make you look more attractive. Being sexy is a gift that not all people have. But according to some researchers, sensuality is not innate, but that interfere several factors that help a person more attractive than others.


If you want to boost your sex appeal, we recommend to consider these tips that science dictates. Take note!



#1 Rest well!

Dreaming is one of the greatest mysteries of life. Like gravity or the quantum field, it is not yet known exactly why we sleep, but every day we are learning more about the subject. However, what we do know is that sleep is one of the keystones of health. Six to eight hours per night appears to be optimal amount of sleep for most adults; and sleeping too much or sleeping too little can have adverse effects on their health.

  • Sleep in a completely dark or the darkest place possible.
  • Keep the temperature of your room below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Check that your room does not have electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Move away from your bed your alarm clock and any other electrical device.
  • Avoid using loud alarm clocks too.

Getting enough sleep can be your weapon to conquer, is that according to an investigation by the Sleep Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, the people who do not sleep enough not only have a less healthy appearance, but also look less attractive. So as a ‘Sleeping Beauty” rest and dawns all fresh, renewed and attractive morning.


#2 A little makeup

Makeup is an art to be learned and, gradually, with patience and practice, we can make it a real weapon of seduction. First of all and as a premise basis by which we shall rule all our actions in order to improve our physical appearance is that the best makeup is one that does not show. Makeup can be a double-edged sword; if we use it correctly we can enhance our strengths, but if we do it wrong we can mask our beauty and turn it into something artificial.

  • The first step should be thoroughly wash our face with a mild soap every day twice a day.
  • Then we will apply with small touches, the corrector in areas where we need to “correct”, conceal or disguise something.
  • A good base of makeup, and by that I mean that it is very important to obtain a good quality and spare no expense.
  • Apply corrective mattifying powders to cover and hide brightness and highlight each area of our face.
  • Apply a blush, it may be cream or powder to enhance our cheeks.
  • Spark your eyes lightly touching the lashes with an eyelash curler, without abusing and without too much pressure because the hair can be damaged and it does not regenerate.
  • Exfoliate and hydrate the lips.
  • To finish, apply a water spray about 30 cm from the face to fix the makeup. Voila!

Although some surveys have revealed that men prefer girls without makeup, a study published in 2010 in the Journal of Cosmetic Science -international has proved otherwise and discovered that makeup draws attention not only men, but also It shows independence and financial solvency. So do not hesitate to wear makeup, but always remember not to abuse and try to look as natural as possible.


#3 Dress up in red 

While humans live in a civilized society, many of our behaviors remain primitive. After all, we are animals too. Red is the most striking because it is interpreted by our brain in the most elemental way possible as a color that invites sexuality and attraction to both men and women, but especially to men.

  • The color is still interpreted by men as a sexual signal, and is being like that since the time of the caves.
  • There have been studies that have taken the opinion of men between 22 and 25 who say women dressed in red tones are more sensual because they seem to be open to intimacy with a man and to be more receptive to them.
  • The red color also attracts money.
  • The red color makes your body works different: the heart beats faster and breathing is faster. So it used to describe love.

Take your red color clothes and conquer the person you like. According to a study by a group of psychologists from the Central China Normal University they found that this color has a potentiating effect of sexual attractiveness of women, which few men are able to resist.


#4 Hourglass Figure 

Achieve the perfect curves in a woman is a discipline and hard work, beauty is not free. To notice all the curves in your body some areas such as, waist, must be smaller, and others, buttocks and legs need to be in a larger scale.

  • Appropriate mix of exercise and diet.
  • Protein-rich foods will make you feel more energetic and more willing to work for the necessary to achieve your challenges.
  • Eat several times a day intelligently

Slims your figure with exercise, or with a band and achieves modeling- curvaceous figure of “hourglass “. According to a study by the anthropologist Barnaby Dixson of Victoria University, a hourglass figure (ie, with the angista waist hips) it is more important and sexy for a man the size of their breasts or their facial features.


#5 Smile!

A smile can work wonders on your entrepreneurial adventure. It will reduce your stress level, you will be more productive and give a better impression. No need to force a smile to put you in a good mood. There are things you can do to have a natural smile and improve your quality of life.

  • Start your day with nature. Several studies show that sun exposure naturally improves a person’s mood, so consider having a cup of coffee in your garden. Instead of checking your emails on your phone, appreciates the stage in front of you.
  • Go to the gym. Whether you wake up half an hour earlier or take a break at luch, you release endorphins with exercise can lift your spirits. If the gym is not an option, take the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to your board.
  • Do something good for yourself. Many times we spend time doing things for others and forget to do something for us. Do something for yourself and go for your favorite coffee or read a book you like at lunch.
  • Listen to music. If you drive to work every day probably listening to the radio in the car. It can be a great way to prepare for the day. Create a playlist of your favorite music and turn up the volume ..
  • Disconnect from social networks. If the first thing you do in the morning is check Facebook or Twitter, your mood will be affected. Research shows that people who use Facebook experience negative emotions associated with the time they were connected.

Bob Marley well said that “the most beautiful curve of a woman is her smile” and science supports this assertion. According to the British Columbia University, men are attracted to women with white and friendly smiles. The same study revealed “Expression and preference for attractive faces” where it was discovered that people consider most attractive to people who smile.